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You Need To Watch This Scary Horror Movie That’s New On Netflix

Among the many titles new to Netflix this week – including highly anticipated originals like Invent Anna and big girl 2 – we also have another horror movie to add to this ultra-popular genre on the streamer.

The film is a German-language Netflix Original: The privilege. The cast here includes Max Schimmelpfennig, who played young Noah in another highly rated Netflix original (Dark, which we will discuss in more detail below). In the meantime, we have everything you need to know about this new Netflix movie in this article. Plus key details on other new content coming to the streamer soon.

What’s new on Netflix: The privilege

A scene from Netflix’s new German language film “The Privilege”. Image source: Netflix

Here is the basic plot of The privilege. Years after the death of his sister Anna, 18-year-old Finn is still haunted by nightmares. He also has demonic visions in his dreams. According to Netflix: “What her family sees as psychotic breakdowns due to childhood trauma seem increasingly real to her. As the horrific events around him begin to escalate, he can no longer pretend it’s all in his head.

With his best friend Lena, he sets out to uncover a secret from his past. One that also threatens to expose his family’s seemingly low-key facade.

The film will be available to stream from Wednesday, February 9 on Netflix. And will undoubtedly quickly attract fans who not only like new international series on the streamer. But also horror genre content.

Oh, and speaking of German content like this? Netflix also announced on Tuesday that a huge new slate is on its way to the streamer.

More German series and films to come

Netflix office
An exterior shot of a Netflix office building with a large Netflix logo on top. Image source: FG/Bauergriffin.com/MEGA

The streamer says it’s doubling its budget to the equivalent of $571 million for German-language shows and movies through next year. And Netflix has revealed a slew of new projects as part of that push. In addition to reiterating previously announced plans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Among the current projects is the action-thriller series Cleo, about a Stasi killer in Berlin. Others include a historical series with the working title of The Empressas well as a mystery series (1899) and revenge thriller Totenfrau.

“When it comes to story development, our top priorities are strong, local stories with authentic characters, produced to the highest quality,” said Katja Hofem, VP of Local Language Series at Netflix. “We want to inspire our viewers through our content and also those who are not yet in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

Best Netflix Originals in German

a boy shown kissing a girl
A scene from the Netflix German original series “Dark”. Image source: Netflix

All of this German-language content is part of the massive international library that keeps adding new titles to Netflix. In the meantime, below are some of the German originals already available to stream on this platform which, to me at least, represents some of the best of the bunch. That is to say, the list below is completely subjective. But if you love finding new international shows and movies to check out on Netflix, here are some of my recommendations for the most enjoyable German content I’ve found:

Billion Dollar Code: Anyone who liked Stop and catch fire could easily get addicted to this one. This limited series tells the story of a small German startup that claimed to have invented the technology that Google would later turn into Google Earth.

blood red sky: This German-language horror film shot to No. 1 shortly after its release on Netflix last year. Basically, this one is about a mother and her son who end up on a hijacked plane. She sets out to save her son, because – sorry, bad guys – he’s also a vampiric monster.

Freaks – You are one of us: There is, believe it or not, still fresh narrative ground to explore in the superhero genre. In this film, a young woman who works as a fryer discovers by chance that she has latent superpowers. “I can throw people in the air!” It’s not normal.

Dark: If you know anyone who has seen this Netflix series with a cult following, they’ve probably already tried to force-arm you to check this one out. Unfortunately, this is a one-of-a-kind series that really defies a 1 or 2 sentence summary. It basically integrates time travel, murder, and romance into one stunning package. The point of which (I think) is that love transcends place and time.

How to sell drugs fast online: Netflix description of this 3 season series is as follows. “To win back his ex-girlfriend, a nerdy teenager starts selling ecstasy online from his bedroom and becomes one of Europe’s biggest dealers.”