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xxxHolic BTS Video Offers A New Look At The Live Action Movie

A new behind-the-scenes video from xxHolic’s live-action adaptation of Clamp previews the upcoming film’s elaborate sets and costumes.

New Behind-the-Scenes Video Gives Clamp Fans a Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Live-Action Film Adaptation xxxHolic.

The new movie was announced in November and is set to premiere in Japan next year. The BTS video, which is now available on Asmik Ace’s YouTube channel, features members of the cast and production team sharing their thoughts on the upcoming movie. The video also includes short clips from the film, giving a look at some of the film’s elaborate sets and costumes.

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the original xxxHolic Clamp’s manga series was serialized in Kodansha’s Youth magazine from 2003 to 2010, producing 23 volumes of content. The story follows Kimihrio Watanuki, a high school girl haunted by visions of the supernatural, and Yuuko, a powerful witch who can grant wishes, provided she receives something of equal value in return. xxxHolicThe protagonists of will be played by popular Japanese actors Ryunosuke Kamiki and Ko Shibasaki respectively. Kamiki has previously appeared in live-action adaptations of Rurouni Kenshin and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Diamond Is Unbreakablebut he is perhaps best known for voicing Taki Tachibana in Makoto Shinkai your name. Shibasaki appeared in live-action versions of blackjack and Dororo and also lent his voice to Kamiari Child Month and Detective Conan: private detective in the distant sea.

The film also stars SixTONES idol group member Hokuto Matsumaru as Shizuka Doumeki. Other cast members include Tina Tamashiro (The Way of the Husband at Home) as Himawari Kunogi, Serena Motola as Morodashi, and singer Daoko in her film debut as Marudashi.

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Mika Ninagawa, who previously directed the live-action reinventions of Kyoko Okazaki Helter Skelter and Moyoco Anno sakurandirected xxxHolic. She is joined by composer Keiichirō Shibuya, who creates the musical soundtrack, and writer Erika Yoshida (tiger and rabbit, Lupine III: Part IV), who writes the script.

This is not the first adaptation of xxxHolic. In 2006, Production IG (ghost in the shell, Moriarty the Patriot) produced an anime adaptation, and in 2012 an eight-episode live-action miniseries aired in Japan. Earlier this year, an all-male stage play premiered in Japan. Written by Masafumi Hata and directed by Fumiya Matsuzaki, Theater style xxxHolix stars Motohiro Ota and Shōgo Sakamoto as Yuuko and Kimihiro respectively. There have also been several fan books, a novel, and an adventure game from Marvelous Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

xxxHolic will be released theatrically in Japan on April 29, 2022. Currently, it is unknown if the film will receive an international or North American release or if it will be made available to stream outside of Japan.

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