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Why this new Netflix horror movie failed fans’ expectations

The star of the recent Netflix miniseries Midnight Mass, Kate Siegel took to the horror genre, alongside director Mike Flanagan, and became an almost undisputed horror queen. With its thrilling trailer and the presence of the actress, Siegel’s most recent film Hypnotic set fans’ expectations high, only to leave many puzzled and disappointed. The film follows the story of Jenn Tompson (Siegel), who had a miscarriage and, on the advice of her friend, enlists the help of psychotherapist, Dr Collin Meade (Jason O’Mara), who specializes in the ‘hypnosis. Meade (apparently, not for the first time) abuses her power and takes control of Jenn’s mind, causing her to suffer power cuts, during which she commits actions that serve the doctor’s agenda.


In recent years, Kate Siegel has become inseparable from Mike Flanagan, who also happens to be her husband, who stars in most of her films. The horror power couple took Netflix by storm, delivering masterpieces that included Silence, Gerald’s game, The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion, and the most recent Midnight Mass. Flanagan and Siegel met on the set of their very first horror movie Oculus, featuring Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who Karen Gillan, and forged a successful professional and personal relationship that has spawned so many horror fan favorites.

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Hypnotic, however, was directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote with a screenplay by Richard D’Ovidio, bringing a different direction and tone to the film and pushing Siegel out of his comfort zone. Despite this, the fact that she was chosen as the lead actress was enough to get many fans excited and hoping for the usual performance and thrilling tension that made her Flanagan films so great. So what went wrong?

Kate Siegal as Screaming Jenn in Hypnotic

The best trailers are meant to build excitement and show a preview of the upcoming film without revealing its main twists or giving too much detail – otherwise, they might as well be called “recaps.” Unfortunately, Hypnotic the trailer did the exact opposite. He would show most of the exciting scenes, reveal the villain, his past, and even some of his motivations. With that out in the open, the film which is fairly straightforward to begin with didn’t have much else to offer its audiences.

On top of that, the final scene in the trailer where Meade tells Jenn she can wake up now suggested an almost Creation-like a twist, which in reality can barely compare to what the movie delivered.

Jason O'Mara as Dr. Meade in Hypnotic

Fans of Flanagan and Siegel have come to expect a mind-boggling final twist that brings the pieces together and throws all expectations and predictions into the air. In The Haunting of Hill House, it was the Bent-Neck Lady, in The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion – the narrator, and in Midnight Mass – the vampires. In Hypnotic, however, the villain is painfully obvious from the start. And while fans might have hoped for an unexpected turn, alas, the evil hypnotherapist really is the one to blame.

On top of that, the film’s very title removes any doubts audiences might have had and makes the supposedly mysterious elevator opening scene obvious. It is as if Thesilenceofthelambs was called “Buffalo Bill is sewing costumes in Lippman’s house”.

Lucie Guest as Gina in Hypnotic with a Spider

The character of Siegel in Silence is resourceful, intelligent and reacts to risks with quick resourcefulness. The supporting characters in other Flanagan films are also identifiable and mostly make logical choices (or at least consistent with their characters). However, in Hypnotic, some of the actions of Jenn or her friends can only be faced with palms on the face.

Why would the main heroine google her new therapist, whom she trusts to mess with her head, only after she nearly killed her ex-boyfriend? Why her friend, who already knows Meade can get people to do things just by talking to them, would take a call from an unknown number, and, even more confusing, why wouldn’t she hang up when she hears the voice doctor? Why would a detective (Dulé Hill) go to a suspect’s home without backup? Why would Jenn go to Xavier Sullivan’s alone on the day that was clearly implanted in her head, even though she thought she was going to see the mentor of her torturer, who incidentally is known for his control abilities? spirit ? There are too many questions, unlikely storylines, and not-so-smart choices to make the characters relatable or even likable.

Kate Siegal as Jenn under hypnosis with Dr Meade

In the film, hypnotherapy is presented as a magical technique that grants the therapist unlimited power over his patients, so much so that a few words from Meade can cause hallucinations, put a person in a trance or even paralyze them. According to Hypnotic, all a doctor needs to do to achieve this is use the person’s full name and a trigger phrase, the highly questionable concept that has been made popular by movies like Telephone, Serenity, and Captain America: Civil War, where sleepers are activated once they hear a keyword.

In fact, hypnosis is a useful technique that, when used correctly, can help patients let go of bad habits, recover repressed memories, and deal with many psychological issues, including depression and depression. anxiety. While the use of key phrases (always the client’s choice) can help accelerate the state of deep relaxation, on average it takes more qualified therapists at least a few minutes to put a person into a trance. By choosing easy excitement and fears rather than a precise representation of this medical technique, Hypnotic achieves only one thing: to give real life hypnotherapists a bad name.

While some people liked Hypnotic As an entertaining and easy-going Halloween watch, many fans of Siegel’s earlier work found it lacking in suspense, exciting twists, characters you could relate to, and even decent scares. The actress is currently involved in a serial adaptation of The wife of the time traveler, based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger, while Flanagan is working on the upcoming Netflix horror series, The midnight club. Fans can only hope the couple reunite again soon, producing more high-quality, biting films that have become their hallmark and have earned them a loyal and relentless following.

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