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Why Max Payne 2 is still the best action movie simulator of all time

There’s a “reviewable” element to the whole experience that echoes the chance to rewatch some of the best action movies ever made. Just like how I can almost always enter Die hard, John Wick, badassWhere The Raid: Redemption and eventually get lost in the beauty of their choreographed mayhem, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, I often find myself replaying Max Payne 2the action sequences even after I’ve “finished” them just to see what happens. The first game sometimes inspired a similar desire, but Max Payne 2The level design ensures that you always wonder what might have happened if things had turned out slightly differently.

The most even great action games can hope for is to make you feel like an established action hero as you play through one of these choreographed scenes. The terminator games want you to feel like the Terminator, die hard the games want you to be John McClane, and Strangulation wants to make you feel like “Tequila” Yuen. Good, Max Payne 2 wants you to feel like the action star, director and choreographer. It’s any action movie you want it to be and more.

Much like how some of the best action movies ever made use style and solid (if not always brilliant) storytelling to rise above the “dumb fun” label some like to burden them with, the personality of Max Payne Levels of 2 only strengthen your desire to dive into it once again. It’s easy (and fun) to poke fun at the game’s overly dramatic dialogue and noir-inspired caricatures, but Max Payne 2 is much more than a parody. From his in-universe TV shows (like the wonderful “Address Unknown”) to his surprisingly heartfelt love story, every Max Payne 2 level is filled with small details and personality traits that value the action at the heart of this experience. Max Payne 2 even manages to make an escort mission tolerable by dressing your service in cosplay and basing much of the level around their obsession with an almost Calvin-like figure known as Captain Baseball Bat Boy.

Little touches like this not only elevate Max Payne 2‘s above its predecessor and successor, but above almost all other shooters.

Max Payne 2 is still the best game to play after watching your favorite action movie

To be perfectly honest with you, I like most of the “Max Payne rip-offs” released in the wake of the original game even though most of them turned out pretty bad. Some of these titles were about to deliver what Max Payne did (as Strangulation) but a wave of Max Payne-like games such as Death on the rights, Total overdoseand made man eventually flooded the Bullet Time shooter market and contributed to a growing sense of fatigue with the whole concept.

It wasn’t long before the developers just stopped trying to make shooters like Max Payne. You’ll occasionally see a pop-up about indies or the Double-A scene, but the next Max Payne The remakes are really the first major productions in a long time that will try to revive this style in a meaningful way. Even the recent John Wick the adaptation of the game ended up being a (very impressive) puzzle strategy game.