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Why Jurassic Park is a horror movie

Jurassic Park is perhaps one of cinema’s most defining films. But could the film, with its thrills and chills, also be considered a horror film?

Since the first film, the jurassic park The franchise has blossomed into an action-adventure series with a strong sci-fi core. However, there’s always an honest dread peppered throughout every movie, as there’s nothing more intimidating than being forced to stare at a massive T-Rex or a nifty Velociraptor. That’s why the show still might not be the best franchise to show a young toddler. That said, with the original film in particular, could jurassic park be considered a horror film at the base?

To answer that question, there’s a degree of dissection that needs to take place, as this is a film that’s layered in both theme and genre. The book, written by Michael Crichton, balanced its scarier elements with a solid science fiction foundation. This gave a more realistic approach to these dinosaurs and made it seem like their animal tendencies were naturally adjacent, as they were still animals, but the genetic engineering that brought them to life seemed more prevalent. However, the tone changed in the film and the narrative themes were brought to life more.

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As a result of this change, the film still had its roots in science fiction. However, the survival elements also added a hint of adventure. But what set these particular themes in motion were the dangerous dinosaurs that hunted the main characters. Therefore, thrills and scares became the backbone of the film and evolved the sci-fi setting into more sci-fi horror storytelling styles. Additionally, the idea of ​​science and nature turning to humanity played an even bigger role in the film and showed how nature could never be stopped when set in motion.

Another aspect of horror that jurassic park fully embraced was the characteristic of the creature. With so many dinosaurs roaming the island, it was easy to slip into the genre and embrace its corner elements to deliver some truly spooky moments. Some iconic examples that come easily to mind must be the T-Rex’s escape and the cooking sequence with the Velociraptors. Both moments offered tension and genuine fear, as these animals were faster and stronger than humans, and it came down to outmaneuvering them to win.

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Coupled with the various deaths shown and implied, the loss of control and genuinely perilous moments on the island proved that terror played a huge part in creating jurassic park. As new sequels were released, the impact of the terror on this island was reinforced by the impact of the events on the survivors. When compiled into a single movie, these events paint the picture of a horror movie disguised as a sci-fi adventure. However, while those other elements still played a role, the scares and dread experienced in the film were most remembered.

The jurassic park and jurassic world franchises would delve into horror over the years, but none captured the uncertainty and spontaneity of the original film. Nothing was promised and everyone felt really in danger. Additionally, the use of science fiction helped add more terror to the creatures and the impending theme of power and loss of control. In the end, the cocktail of all these genre elements created a unique film that was as breathtaking as it was terrifying.