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Why James Wan Should Make A DCEU Scarecrow Horror Movie

The DC Universe is teeming with horror-adjacent characters, and it’s time for Warner Bros. to commission a DCEU horror project starring the Master of Fear.

James wan is a prolific horror director and that’s why he should make a DCEU horror film starring none other than the “Master of Fear”, Scarecrow. The 44-year-old Australian filmmaker has a long history with Warner Bros and as a master of horror he is the perfect director for a horror-inspired DC film. The DC Universe is teeming with horror-adjacent characters who haven’t yet been fully explored in live-action, though none are as popular or terrifying as Scarecrow. Nonetheless, there have been some horror projects in development over the past few years at Warner Bros., although each has ultimately been canned by the studio.


James Wan had developed a Aquaman spin-off set in the Trench World, which was briefly featured in Aquaman near the end of the movie. The trench reportedly explored the terrifying creatures of the trenches that attempted to feed on Mera and Aquaman as they made their way towards Neptune’s trident. Sadly, this movie was put on hold by Warner Bros. around the same time as Ava DuVernay’s. New Gods movie. Yet perhaps the most disappointing horror project to be overlooked by Warner Bros. is Guillermo Del Toro’s. Dark Justice League. This project would have introduced Swamp Thing, Constantine, Zatanna, and characters to the DCEU.

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Although the movie never happened, Swamp Thing eventually made its DC Universe Original debut. Swamp thing executive produced by James Wan. Unfortunately, the Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden project was plagued by production issues and was never renewed for a second season. Nonetheless, this horror-centric project met with rave reviews and showed audiences’ appetites for the darker side of the DC Universe. The subsequent success of the dark character of Joaquin Phoenix Joker has also proven a villain’s ability to be successful on the big screen under the right circumstances. Therefore, a Scarecrow movie directed by James Wan would be perfect for the DCEU.

Why Scarecrow is the best character for a DC horror movie

The Scarecrow has been one of Batman’s most terrifying villains since he debuted in The best comics in the world in 1943. Today, over 70 years later, the character remains an intimidating element of Gotham City. In fact, as of this writing, Scarecrow has Gotham City on its knees at the DC Comics event. State of fear. Overall, Scarecrow is an underrated villain whose ability to manipulate fear is often overlooked. Despite the character appearing in numerous films, TV series and video games, Dr. Jonathan Crane has yet to see his full potential explored on film. Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of the character in Batman begins barely scratched the surface of the fear the scarecrow is capable of inducing.

In fact, the Arkham The games offer perhaps the best insight into the genre of possible nightmares with the villain. Therefore, this is why Scarecrow is the perfect character for a DC horror movie. Allowing Scarecrow to make the headlines of a horror film would be an opportunity to fully explore the effects of his devastating fear toxin. This toxin capable of causing the worst nightmares could create twisted and frightening hallucinations for the characters. Forcing victims to live out their deepest fears is far scarier than any haunting or slasher and certainly in James Wan horror territory. While both hauntings and serial killers are frightening on their own, Crane’s intelligence and twisted application of science gives Scarecrow an edge in the iconic horror world.

James Wan knows how to reinvent characters

Aquaman comes out of the ocean in James Wan's Aquaman

Obviously, over the course of more than 70 years, Scarecrow has been reinvented many times, and that’s part of DC’s villain’s resilience. It is capable of being constantly updated and adapted to modern storytelling. It’s part of what makes him the perfect character for James Wan to become DC’s first great horror movie. Wan knows how to take a property and reimagine it in a way that feels fresh. He was able to take Zack Snyder’s Aquaman and breathe new life into the character’s world. He made sure that Aquaman and his supporting cast weren’t seen as the laughable characters pop culture left out as the dumbest members of the DC Universe.

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Wan’s knack for reimagining characters and worlds would be perfect for a movie titled Scarecrow, as the director is certainly able to complement the story and Dr. Jonathan Crane’s passion for the psychology of fear. After all, Wan’s work with Conspiracy universe, Saw, and Insidious prove his ability to create a world rich in storytelling possibilities.

How the scarecrow can combine everything James Wan is good at

There are two things James Wan does exceptionally well at: creating unique horror tales loaded with twists and explosive action. While Wan hasn’t had many opportunities to show his suitability for high octane action, furious 7 and Aquaman prove he is a multi-talented filmmaker. The action sequences in these films were creative and exciting and worked to reveal who the characters are and what they desire. Essentially, they’ve accomplished what any good action storyline should be and moved the stories forward. Nonetheless, Wan remains above all a horror director and is therefore the most qualified director for a DCEU horror film.

A scarecrow movie would prioritize horror and suspense over action, but no doubt would include a lot of action woven through the narrative. This would likely include the inevitable pursuit of the GCPD or Batman as they hunt down the former Arkham psychiatrist. This balance of horror and action is the perfect marriage of all the things James Wan is good at. Between the fear toxin and all of Gotham City’s benefactors, a Scarecrow horror film set somewhere in the DCEU would likely be a critical and box office success for Warner Bros.

While a scarecrow horror movie doesn’t appear to be on the DCEU horizon just yet, it just might be the best way to expand the universe, especially with James Wan at the helm. His background in the horror and superhero genres demonstrates that he is more than capable of the project. Additionally, Scarecrow and his fear toxin have the potential to become an iconic horror villain, much like Freddy Kruger and Pennywise. It’s time James wan and the DCEU embraces the dark corners of the DC Universe and Scarecrow is just the villain to introduce the audience to the horror that exists in DC comics.

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