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Which Resident Evil game would make the best live-action movie?

With Unexplored officially in theaters, the conversation about whether video games can make great movies has once again come up. Since Super Mario Bros. The movie was released in 1993, the common consensus for many movies based on video games is no, they don’t fit the movie well. Now, whether it’s because video games with a longer form of storytelling don’t translate well into movies or whether it’s just because the filmmakers behind them are unable to match the same feeling that games give fans, they failed to live up to the standards the original source set for their cinematic counterparts.


One of the biggest video game franchises turned into movies is Capcom’s highest-grossing horror video game franchise, resident Evil. First adapted by Paul W. S. Anderson into six films, it was criticized by critics for being narratively sloppy and for being a slog of poorly done action sequences. Recently, resident Evil got a second chance at an action movie with Johannes Roberts Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, but was again criticized. Although made faithful to its source material, the film was criticized for its unrelated characters and disappointingly overstuffed story.

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So that begs the question: can there be good live action resident Evil movie? Maybe, but it would have to meet certain criteria to succeed in both a film and an adaptation. It should be focused and not stuffed with different characters, motivations and stories. It should also touch on the horror aspect of the games, introducing the fun monsters and settings that are part of the many games in the series, perhaps avoiding the monsters being zombies again. Last but not least, don’t take yourself too seriously.


With these criteria, a few of the games would be eliminated immediately, such as resident evil 5 and 6. With the earliest resident Evil installments being contingent on the most recent film, Resident Evil 1 and 2 can also be eliminated, with 3 also due to its use in Anderson’s second episode. Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t work due to its long lifespan and the spinoffs wouldn’t work because they have less viewership with many having experienced these installments. So what game could be the red and green grass to completely cure the resident Evil movie franchise?

In 2017, Capcom introduced a new installment to the franchise that would change the way the series is watched. It moved from third-person to first-person, a more personal story not focusing on the long-term antagonist of the Umbrella franchise, and refocusing on the show’s original genre being horror. It is the seventh video game in the franchise, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard that would be the most likely way to move forward with live-action adaptations. It has a singular protagonist being Ethan Winters put in a situation that makes the audience connect and become more engaged. He’s not a highly trained agent pursuing an evil corporation, he’s just a man looking for the woman he loves. His motivation makes sense from the audience’s perspective, and it’s something they can support, which makes the story simple and grounded. The world isn’t in danger like every other action movie in the theater, it’s only Ethan who is in danger at the time, emphasizing his struggle and search for his wife.

evil resident 7 baker family

The game also features fresh and unique antagonists in the Baker family. A violent sadistic family with unknown motives for most of the film, which makes it much scarier due to their ambiguous nature. The Baker family is infected with mold from Eveline, the game’s main big protagonist. The mold makes them twisted and demented to the point of being unpredictable.

These aren’t the same big hulking monsters that have eyeballs all over their bodies, they all have unique boss shapes that bring freshness and intrigue to the classic. resident Evil boss formula (although later Jack Baker transforms into a large monster with eyes all over). The antagonists being the Baker family also create tension with dialogue between the antagonist and the protagonist. Their interactions with each other and with Ethan create a heightened sense of infatuation with the protagonists that almost brings The Chainsaw Massacre atmosphere for them.

The game, for the most part, takes place in one setting, being the Baker family ranch in Dulvey, Louisiana. The ranch brought a new setting to the resident Evil straightforwardness with the gothic feel of southern Louisiana swamp. This works perfectly for the focused and personal story of the game. It brings a vibe of isolation and isolation to the game that really highlights how alone Ethan is in his fight for survival and his wife. The ranch is reminiscent of many iconic settings like diabolical deaththe cabin and the Chainsaw Massacrethe southern gothic house, also inhabited by a sadistic family.

will be the resident Evil will the franchise be restarted again? Only time will tell, but if they had to, it should be a direct adaptation of one of Capcom’s most iconic games.

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