Horror movie

Which Horror Movie You Belong To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini are “intellectually inclined, constantly probing people and places for information” and have a great ability “to blend easily into any environment, adopting the customs of the local culture and language” . While there are a number of horror films about journeys to unknown and dangerous places, and perhaps even more about dangerous cults with very specific and often deadly customs, “Midsommar” is the film of horror to which Geminis belongs.

It’s a film about graduate students who all have “an insatiable zeal to discover new treasures of information” and bring this intense curiosity to a fascinating and unique community in Sweden. Some visitors adapt more easily to the new environment while others “rely too much on encyclopedic knowledge and [fail] process, assimilate and apply [their knowledge] in a tangible, embodied and useful way[s].”

But Dani (Florence Pugh), the film’s heroine, shows an incredible talent for adapting to her new environment and integrating into the new community. She showcases “Gemini’s natural affinity for adapting, exploring ideas, languages, and information, as well as socializing and communicating to form new pathways of awareness” that would serve all Geminis well in their lives. the world of Midsommar.