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Where to stream the horror movie Smile

Horror movies have always corrupted seemingly innocent things or actions. For example, after The Exorcist became a global sensation in 1973, no one ever looked at pea soup the same way again. by Stephen King Thisboth the excellent 1990 miniseries and the two feature films of 2017 and 2019, made the clowns even scarier, if that’s possible.

In 2022, the horror genre has transformed perhaps the most innocuous thing of all: a smile. It is due to the blockbuster movie Smile, which featured creepy people smiling both in its marketing and in the film itself to terrify audiences. The scheme worked; The film became a word-of-mouth hit in September, with audiences filling theaters to see what it was all about. Now, the hit horror movie is making its way to streaming, where anyone brave enough (no pun intended) can find out how the smile can be the scariest thing you’ll ever see in a horror movie.

Where does it stream?

If you want to scare yourself watching a horror movie about childhood trauma, demonic possession, unbearable birthday parties, and of course the creepy smile, there’s only one platform where you can watch it for free with a subscription. Paramount+ will be the streaming home for Smile in the foreseeable future.

Whereas Smile can attract you to Paramount+, there is many more shows and movies available on the platform to make your subscription worthwhile. Shows like The good fight, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Strange New Worldsand The twilight zone and hit movies like The lost city, Orphan: first murderand sonic the hedgehog 2 are just a few of the titles you won’t want to miss.

When does it stream for subscribers?

Smile will begin streaming on Paramount+ on November 15.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the type of plan you prefer. To take advantage of the free trial, simply go to the Paramount+ website and sign up here. Your first seven days will be free, but after the trial, subscription plans start from $5 per month. This option (called “Essential”) comes with limited commercial interruptions. If you don’t want ads, the monthly Premium subscription will cost you $10 per month.

You can also save money if you commit to a one-year subscription. An Essential annual subscription costs $50 per year while a Premium annual subscription costs $100. You can also bundle the Paramount+ subscription with a Showtime subscription for $12 per month or $120 per year. For more information on all Paramount+ subscription plans, click here.

Is it worth it?

Yes. Smile is genuinely chilling and delivers on the promise of being a disturbing horror movie you won’t soon forget. Digital Trends reviewed the film and found it to be “an evil, devilishly calibrated multiplex scream machine”. This is the rare horror movie which tackles a serious topic (childhood trauma and abuse) but doesn’t forget to deliver the scares and the gore.

The film stars Sosie Bacon (the daughter of Kevin Bacon, who also got his start in the horror genre), Kyle Gallner, Kal Penn, Robin Wiegert, Judy Reyes and Rob Morgan. It was directed by Parker Finn and is 115 minutes long.

Currently, Smile registers a good 79% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes and has a review score of 68 on Metacritic.

Smile airs Nov. 15 on Paramount+.

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