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Watch the horror movie The Bone Box here!

A full free movie of the day is posted on the JoBlo Films YouTube Channel every day of the week – but on Friday things get a little weirder and a little more fun. Start your weekend off right by indulging in Friday nights of fear! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a look at another genre flick that you can watch in its entirety, for free, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embedded here.

This week’s Friday Fright Night feature is The bone box, which marked writer/director Luke Genton’s feature debut – and it’s truly a textbook feature debut. Beginner filmmakers are often advised to make something that takes place in as few locations as possible, ideally just one for most of the time, and with few characters. There’s no shame in that. Many notable directors have started out with films that follow this advice. by Sam Raimi diabolical death takes place in one location and has very few characters. George A. Romero night of the living dead does too, for the most part (he needed a lot of zombie extras and took a trip to Washington DC for the movie). Outside of horror, you have examples like Kevin Smith’s Clerks and Quentin Tarantino reservoir dogs. Tarantino had over a million dollars to work with and some big stars in his cast, but he still chose to make a movie that takes place in one location and only has a few characters. Genton is therefore in good company with The bone boxwhich takes place almost entirely within the confines of a house and features only a handful of characters.

The bone box dives into supernatural horror, but it’s not exactly a haunted house movie. It’s more of a movie about a haunted person. And the person who’s being haunted deserves it, because he’s a grave robber. You disturb the dead, you get what happens to you. Many films have shown this to us.

Michelle Krusiec Gareth Koorzen

The plot synopsis which can be found on IMDb was typed by Genton himself, so we’ll share it here as well:

Depressed and shaken by the recent death of his wife, Tom has accumulated a considerable amount of gambling debt. He’s going to stay with his rich aunt Florence, hoping she’ll write it down in her will. When an evil creditor is adamant that Tom’s time is up, he hatches a plan with Elodie, the undertaker’s daughter, to rob the graves of the wealthy townspeople buried in the cemetery across the street. After robbing the graves, Tom returns to Aunt Florence and events take a dark turn: Tom begins to hear and see strange things that seem to coincide with the deaths of the people he robbed. Even stranger, he seems to be the only one feeling these things. Does Tom’s conscience deceive or sting him or is he actually haunted by those he stole from?

The film stars Gareth Koorzen, Michelle Krusiec, Maria Olsen, David Chokachi, Jamie Bernadette, Aaron Schwartz, Art Roberts, Cynthia Bravo, Maximus Birchmore, Cynthia Bravo, Tess Bellomo, Arielle Elonys, Katie Scardino, Pim de Boer and Hannah Bear . Many of these actors are either ghosts Tom sees prowling around or people who are shown on television in the house.

The bone box is largely driven by dialogue scenes, which can sometimes be difficult to decipher as there are a variety of accents in action here. But Genton did a great job writing those dialogue scenes — and did some nice camera and editing tricks, too. Impressive for a first time. Several moments in the film are shot as long as possible, and there are several examples of fun transitions between scenes. (Kudos to editor Gonzalo Digenio, who was also the cinematographer.) It will be interesting to see what Genton does next, because there are elements in The bone box which make it a promising career start.

So take a look at The bone box – after all, it’s free! Then share your thoughts on the film by leaving a comment below or on YouTube.

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