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Watch an exclusive clip from the Antonio Banderas-directed action movie Codename Banshee

The action movie directed by Antonio Banderas Codename Banshee follows the reunion between former government assassin Caleb and his protege Banshee after it is discovered that a bounty has been placed on Caleb’s head. The assassin’s daughter, Hailee, joins them as they struggle to survive the deadly CIA mission.

Codename Banshee is directed by Jon Keeyes and written by Matthew Rogers, the duo behind the 2021 action thriller The survivalist-and hits theaters and on demand on July 1. In addition to Banderas, the action flick stars Jaime King (black summer), Tommy Flanagan (Westworld) and Catherine Davis (Run Hide Fight).


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In game RantIn Banshee’s exclusive clip, the trio meet for the first time and Hailee is skeptical of Banshee’s intentions. The young woman aggressively approaches Caleb and his protege with a gun. She questions her father, “Are you being held hostage?”

Described as a dynamic film, Codename Banshee combines action with a heartfelt storyline. Banshee, also a trained slayer, is the first to spring into action. She alerts Caleb, who was hiding, of the danger ahead. As teased in the clip above, Hailee may not have the same field experience as the two, but she’s still a force to be reckoned with. She knows how to handle a gun and is driven by her desire to protect her father.

Speaking of playing Caleb, Banderas says, “I’ve played killer, action-driven men, and it’s always a pleasure to match the action to the emotion behind the character, to find what drives that person. In this case, Caleb was so trusted that he could walk into any situation without fear.”

The Zorro actor adds: “This man now finds it necessary to disappear completely, to hide from the people who want to kill him. What could push this man to do this? And how would he react knowing that the men who want to kill him after all this time, what would he do to protect his family?

The film is distributed by Screen Media. The company’s upcoming releases include Saint Clarea thriller with Bella Thorne; The Good Neighbor, a mystery drama about two guys who hit a cyclist with their car on their way home from a party; and Monstrous, a psychological horror film directed by Christina Ricci.

Codename Banshee hits theaters and on demand on July 1.

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