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Watch: 355 Trailer Reveals Star-studded Action Movie


The last time Jessica Chastain produced and won # 1 in an action movie, the end result was Ava, a promising spy thriller that boasted a stacked ensemble cast and a solid premise. Unfortunately, the finished product was pretty terrible and widely criticized by critics and the public.

The last time Simon Kinberg directed a feature film, we got the biggest box office bomb of 2019 and arguably the worst installment of all thirteen films. X Men franchisee thanks to Dark phoenix. Based on their recent track record, the prospect of seeing the duo team up is enough to generate as much concern as it does excitement, but the trailer for The 355 seeks at least to promise a moment of pleasure in the cinema.

Chastain pitched Kinberg the idea of ​​a female-led spy actor the Dark phoenix, that’s how the project finally came together, and there’s a lot of talent on screen to quietly make us believe that The 355 may be able to meet expectations.

The core kick-ass team is made up of two-time Oscar nominees Chastain, Oscar winners Lupita Nyong’O and Penelope Cruz, Chinese megastar Fan Bingbing and Diane Kruger, all of whom experience in the genre. Add in the support of Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez, and that just might be something to watch when it comes to theaters in January.