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UNDER SIEGE: Steven Seagal’s 1990s action movie set to get a new reboot

Steven Seagal’s 1990s action shot to be rebooted

The success of 1992 Stephane Seagal action picture Under Seat will receive reboot processing as a movie to stream HBO Max.
When Steven Seagal’s hit movie, Under siege, opened in 1992, it did tremendous box office deals and appealed to both critics and moviegoers. The film earned an “A-” CinemaScore rating and also appeared on acclaimed film critic Gene Siskel’s Top Ten list that year. This inspired a sequel which also starred Seagal and while it’s not clear if Seagal will star again, a reboot of the hit movie has been planned.

This upcoming reshuffle of Under siege will be produced by Warner Bros. to be broadcast on HBO Max. The two who have thought about this idea are Timo Tjahjanto and Umair Aleem. Tjahjanto is an Indonesian action / horror director who was the “Safe Haven” part of the film. V / H / S / 2. He will lead the reboot while Aleem writes the script. Aleem is most recently known for his work as the screenwriter of the Netflix action film, Kate.

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The original Under siege was the story of a heroic leader named Casey Ryback who is forced to fight a group of terrorists on a battleship. Not only will the role of hero played by Seagal be difficult, but even more difficult will be finding a villain to match Tommy Lee Jones’ villain, William Stranix, from the 1992 photo. This role led to Jones winning an Oscar for the movie. ‘one of his next roles which would be his work of the years 1993. The fugitive.

Under siege grossed $ 83 million at the domestic box office and $ 73 million internationally. It holds a 79% approval rating for Rotten Tomatoes, but with the enthusiastic approval of Siskel & Ebert at the time of its release (two big thumbs up), it was an automatic hit that developed into great success. over the years.

While it remains to be seen whether the new image will follow the same storyline as the original, Erika Eleniak and Gary Busey took some solid turns in the first film as well. Anyone can guess at this point if the movie will use the same characters or create completely new ones and just follow the basic premise of the first movie.

Nonetheless, Seagal fans have taken note of this reboot and have become excited to see a revamp of Seagal’s most acclaimed action hero film. Make sure to keep this one on your radar.

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