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Timothée Chalamet shares a bloody trailer for his film Cannibal Romance Bones And All

The world of Timothée Chalamet performances is going to be wild to follow over the next two years. upcoming movies As Dune: part two and Wonka have already made things pretty interesting, but this month of November has a pretty twisted entry into the young talent’s resume. We hope you’re hungry for something darker, as Chalamet has unveiled the trailer for his cannibal romance flick bones and all.

The actor’s social media platforms, including instagramwere honored with this look at the reunion of Timothée Chalamet with his call me by your name director, Luca Guadagnino. Although the invocation of this movie’s name is reminiscent of a tender and bittersweet romance, that’s only half the game at stake in bones and all.

We see Chalamet looking super cute with co-star Taylor Russell, but just as the title promised; and this is in addition to the previous look at bones and all which appeared to show the pair a bit far apart in a field. It doesn’t take long before some bloody dealings get into the mix. Bloody, shirtless relationships. This film is going to break Timothée Chalamet’s stans on the internet, isn’t it?

In a way, this adaptation of author Camille DeAngelis’ book of the same name is a perfect crossroads for Guadagnino. This statement counts double when you realize that bones and all was adapted by screenwriter David Kajganich, who also teamed up with Luca Guadagnino on similarly tense films such as A perfect touch and the 2018 remake of Suspiria.

Although it doesn’t look like anyone has anything close to Dakota Johnson’s Intense Experience on this second movie, there are definitely tough times ahead. What’s so exciting about the trailer for bones and all is that we also get to see brief glimpses of the roles played by Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance, as well as another dynamic call me by your name veterinarian, Michael Stuhlbarg.

Stuhlbarg in particular is an ominous presence, as his voiceover pokes fun at Timothée Chalamet’s character, Lee, in a rather haunting way. We may not have seen it much in the Doctor Strange 2 castbut those who love the man MCU fans know as Dr. Nic West will be able to see him again soon enough.

Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker” is the perfect sonic backdrop for the intense images of bones and all unfold against. Darkness is a very big part of the equation here, but the tenderness between the films’ tracks is all we need to see there’s a struggle with lighter intent. Timothée Challamet’s victims aren’t the only ones torn apart here, as Lee struggles with what some would consider his very nature.

bones and all is looking to make a tasty date night offering, and will begin doing so on November 18, in select theaters. Aptly enough, the wide release is specified as taking place during the Thanksgiving holiday. So you’ve been warned if you’re the type to associate dinner parties with a night at the movies.

In the meantime, if you want to get pumped up for Luca Guadagnino and David Kajganich’s latest terror-adjacent collab, you can do so. Their remake of Susperia is currently streaming for those who have a Prime Video Subscription.