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This Netflix Horror Movie Is So Scary That Viewers Are Losing Sleep After Watching

A recent horror movie from Netflix is ​​so scary that viewers have reported being unable to sleep after watching it. Title land of waste, the film follows a family living “isolated from society” whose “tranquility” is disturbed by a “horrifying creature that would test the limits that (bind) them”. The film is directed by David Casademunt from a screenplay he wrote with Martí Lucas and Fran Menchón. land of waste only features a few main characters and lasts just over 90 minutes, making it an easy watch before you get home at night.

film report, BGR notes that it garnered critical acclaim, with RogerEbert.com’s Nick Allen writing, “All three performers give robust performances that demand a lot of respect for the seriousness of the story.” He continued: “Even when land of waste gets a bit dry, there’s still the respite of a full-bodied performance.” Miguel Romero Fernández de Cinemania (Spain) added, “Without much fanfare or technical fanfare, The Wasteland confronts us with our worst demons through Inma Cuesta and Asier Flores’ immensely moving mother-child relationship.”

Netflix has been very lucky with overseas produced horror projects lately and also recently released a brand new horror movie that is so messed up that many viewers won’t even be able to stand it. The movie is title Of them and speaks of “two strangers [who] wake up to find their abdomens have been stitched together,” according to an official Netflix synopsis. The couple “are even more shocked when they learn who is behind their horrific ordeal”. BGR was the first to report on the bizarre new Spanish horror film and noted that it was already getting very outspoken reviews on rotten tomatoes.

“Disgusting in there Human Centipede way, as excruciating as any torture porn thriller, and damn ridiculous by the time all is said and done,” wrote movie nation film critic Roger Moore. “[Two] is full of confusion, terror and adrenaline. I only wish the stakes could have been raised somehow to avoid a flat final act,” added Paste Magazine the writer Lex Briscuso. Finally, Nick Schager of The daily beast given Of them a more positive review, writing: “A bit of focused, frenetic exploitation cinema, [director Mar] Targarona’s film delivers what it promises with enough skill and wit to provide a temporary rush, even if it’s too insignificant to truly heal.”