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This Netflix horror movie is now a terrifying TikTok challenge

Can you do it?

There’s an exciting Netflix horror movie on the scene that’s scaring the internet. The Taiwanese instant classic spell hails from filmmaker Kevin Ho and is currently take TikTok by storm. Users across the platform are totally losing it because of Netflix’s weird horror movie. They even challenge themselves to watch the whole thing without pausing or looking away.

The story behind the fascinating clash concerns a mother determined to protect her child from a mysterious curse that she herself unleashed. Evoking realism through the cues of Buddhism and current human culture, the power of spell is its deceptive bridge to reality. It makes the horror even more believable.

TikTok user PasJustBored1214 came into the picture after seeing the new Taiwanese horror movie. In his call to action, he states: “I don’t care how harsh or desensitized you think you are, there’s no fucking way any of you are actually watching this fucking movie from start to finish without skipping a scene having scared at least once. Or physically have a guttural reaction to look away because of how shitty some scenes of this shit are.

Check out the chaos Incantation TikTok yourself:

“The Shock of Kevin Ko’s Taiwanese Found Footage spell might just be Netflix’s best horror cast yet. A non-linear story of possession and curses, spell begins with a cursed dirge,” Chad Collins writes in a recent exploration of the title. Find out why he thinks this is the future of streaming horror.

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Finally, what did you think of spell? Is it as scary as TikTok seems to believe? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We’re always here to chat about all things horror!

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