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This Brand New Netflix Horror Movie Is Almost Too Twisted To Watch

Okay, Netflix, I absolutely can’t with this one. The craziest and over the top horror movie of 2021 has finally arrived on the streamer. After a year that, it must be said, Netflix has given us a ton of new TV shows and horror movies to binge on. But my verdict is in. New Of them The Netflix movie has by far the most heart-breaking plot (at least for me).

For an example of where this sort of thing works much better, Blood red sky was another original Netflix horror release earlier this year from Germany that exploded on the streamer. The wild intrigue for this one is revealed over time. Basically you have a mother and her son boarding a transatlantic flight. We see her taking medication, in a way that foreshadows something important to come. Hijackers eventually materialize on her flight. And in order to protect her son, the mother decides to free the Krakken – turning into a monstrous vampire, the very thing her meds are meant to control.

Of them Netflix movie, streaming now

Netflix’s Recap of the Crazy Story for Of them, meanwhile, is next. “Two strangers wake up to find their abdomens have been sewn together and are even more shocked when they learn who is behind their horrific ordeal.”

You have all lost me to two people whose organs are tied together.

Indeed, a certain degree of confusion seems to permeate many of the early reviews from viewers who saw this one. From that particular note of 1.5 / 4 at Rotten Tomatoes, for example: “Icky in that Human Centipede way, as excruciating as any pornographic torture thriller, and damn ludicrous by the time all is said and done.

The run time, luckily, is only 70 minutes. Of them was directed by Mar Targarona, and the cast includes actors Pablo Derqui and Marina Gatell

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Image Source: Jesse Grant / Netflix

Netflix has sold so many horror movies like this in the year 2021. So much so that it has almost been difficult to keep up with everything. This year, for example, the streamer also gave us everything from action-horror to huge, silly popcorn like Zack Snyder’s. Army of the dead foreign language titles such as A classic horror story of Italy. Netflix also offered an original trilogy of films (the Fear street movies), some of the actors of which can be seen in the photo above.

Another buzzy international release, if you will forgive the pun was the horror title in French Swarm. There was a particularly blood-sucking premise, as you might expect from the title.

The central character of Swarm is Virginie, who lives and operates a farm with her children. Virginia breeds locusts, believe it or not, as a high protein crop. But, as the synopsis for Netflix explains, “Life is tough. Money worries and practical problems mount, (and) tensions with her children and neighbors run high. But everything changes when she finds out that grasshoppers taste like blood.