Fantasy movie

These monsters from a russian dark fantasy movie are taken straight from your nightmares

Have you ever heard of Viy, or “The Forbidden Empire” (not the one with Jackie Chan) as it’s called here? I won’t be surprised if the answer is no, as the 2014 Russian dark fantasy film has slipped under the radar somewhat. It might have been out a while ago, but movies and TV shows are increasingly turning to CGI to bring fantastic characters to life (Rogue One is even bringing it back), sometimes it’s good to be. remember that practical effects always have their place in films. Recounting Jonathan Green’s travels across the East, the cartographer eventually finds himself stranded in Ukraine. Thick fog and an impenetrable forest hide a village which has barricaded itself against the evils lurking outside. Either way, a ditch doesn’t prove to be very effective against Hellish monsters, however… Quite exceptional practical effects mixed with CGI mean its creatures refuse leave my mind, so I decided to share them with you. Because I am caring like that.

We’re going to start small with a little pixie with a big mouth. Not so scary, right?

It’s time to ramp up for this guy with the half-gutted hoof …

Aaa and a creature pushing itself out of someone’s mouth. Beautiful.

Finish with a multi-eyed thing with eyelids as long as your arm.

It’s us made. Thank goodness it’s over.