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The Upcoming Battle Royale Game Is An Interactive Live-Action Movie

Despite some fools pretending the battle royale gold rush was over in 2019, there are still a lot of BR projects making their way into the congested area. This year, we saw Naraka: Bladepoint make a splash (and Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt make a small wave), and of course Squid game was not only very good, but also set viewership records for Netflix. People still can’t get enough battle royale, and that probably won’t change.

There’s a bridge between video games and TV shows, and that’s interactive video, as we saw with 2018. Bandersnatch. Now the battle royale is invading this space as well. The next battle royale is called Bloody shore, and it’s a live-action “interactive battle royale movie” launched on Steam in November. In Bloodshore, you watch people try to kill each other and make choices about who to kill whom.

“Bloodshore is an interactive action film about a televised battle royale between leading streamers, artists and death row inmates,” reads the game’s page. on Steam. “You control the fate of Nick, a failed actor who fights for a cash prize that will change his life. All is not what it seems in this final season of Kill / Stream, the reality show. hottest on the planet. Can Nick uncover the truth about Bloodshore Island before his time runs out? “

As you can see from the trailer, we’re not exactly dealing with Squid Game’s production value levels (and the price isn’t that big, either). It also doesn’t seem like it puts a new spin on the battle royale: contestants jump out of a plane, land on an island, pick up guns, and start killing each other to earn $ 100 million as a host. maniacal game show chronicles the carnage.

As cheesy as it sounds, it might be at least entertaining (although it comes from the creators of the game FMV The complex, which we didn’t like, then maybe not). The only decisions shown on screen in the trailer are the choice of who lives and who dies, but hopefully there will be more interesting ones along the way: the press release says “The relationships are tracked and can influence the story “and for a 60-90 minute movie, there is a total of eight hours of footage, implying that there are a lot of branching storylines that you might see.

Bloodshore will launch on Steam on November 3.