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‘The Substance’ – Ray Liotta Joins Coralie Fargeat’s Body Horror Film

With the endless selection available at your fingertips, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of releases. Especially when it comes to the volume of streaming services, which regularly drop new titles onto their platforms. This week’s streaming picks are dedicated to recent horror movies from 2021 that are now available to stream.

This is where you can watch them this week!

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The deep house – Hulu, Paramount+

Urban Explorer Ben (James Jager) drags his girlfriend Tina (Camille Rowe) along his latest adventure in search of a legendary house preserved at the bottom of a lake. They find it with the help of a local, but also find themselves in a race against time when they find themselves trapped inside. Oxygen levels aren’t the only issue; the underwater house is haunted. Iinside directors Alexander Bustillo and Julien MauryThe latest may not be as deep in terms of storytelling, but their commitment to getting hands-on puts a weird, atmospheric, and uplifting new spin on the haunted house. It’s creepy and otherworldly.

clever –HBO Max

Channeling the spectacle of Dark Castle in the late 90s, the opening sequence sets up an outlandish plot that feels pulled from the 90s in both tone and bloodshed, signaling a wild ride ahead where you’re on his outrageous wavelength, or you’re not. It’s a relentlessly entertaining riot, from the prison cell massacre featuring Zoë Bell carrying a mullet to the doe-eyed line of Maddie Hasson from “Are you adopted?!” Director James Wan and screenwriter Akela Cooper provided a breath of fresh air, and the film’s savage reception cemented its place here as well. If you’ve caught up with this one more than once, the much more austere creature feature Wood is also available on HBO Max.

The boy behind the door – Thrill

Two young friends fight to escape their captors in this white ride, one of the best horror movies of 2021 of all. Filmmakers David Charbonier and Justin Powell dive straight into the heart of evil in their relentless suspenseful thriller that fearlessly pushes the boundaries. They know how to block out a scene and use sound design to maximize suspense and how to keep applying the pressure at a steady pace. It’s a tense thriller, made even bolder by the hero’s age. Lonnie Chavis carries a lot on his young shoulders throughout, made all the more impressive by the dark subject matter. The intense thriller flips the concept of a home invasion on its head while leaving you on the edge of your seat and out of breath.

blood red sky -Netflix

Nadja (Peri Baumeister) and her ten-year-old son, Elias (Carl Anton Koch), board a flight from Germany to New York. She is very sick and hopes that the doctor in New York can cure her illness with an experimental transfusion. Violent terrorists immediately hijack the flight, putting their lives in danger. When a particularly sadistic terrorist does harm, he unleashes Nadja’s inner monster. A beating heart of familial love courses through the veins of this intense horror thriller with a vicious take on vampire lore. High-altitude thrills bring intensity, while character development and pathos spark grounding interest. This makes for a compelling action horror movie.

Titanium –Hulu

Again, Julia Ducournau finds unique and transgressive ways to use body horror that trigger instant revulsion while eliciting instant empathy. Alexia is an anti-heroine, borderline sociopath and deeply magnetic, thanks to her shocking acts. Alexia’s serial killer instincts evolve into something else as she finds a bizarre father figure as broken as she is. Titanium throws everything at his audience in an aggressive style. Visceral, cringe-worthy violence, tenderness, and even more bizarre sexual encounters. Ducournau makes the whole, visually and narratively, remarkably coherent. It’s anchored by a pair of protagonists fully committed to their oddly charming but deeply flawed personas.