Action movie

The stars wear a promising action movie

black site follows CIA agent Abby Trent (Michelle Monaghan) who runs an underground facility that houses high-risk inmates. Days before she is reassigned to a new position, a high-value target named Hatchet (Jason Clarke) is brought in. When he escapes, Abby seeks revenge for her husband and soon finds she can’t trust anyone.

The plot tries a few different things, but it’s a cut and dry action movie. Fortunately, it has a strong enough cast to get away with it for a while. Monaghan and Clarke do well with what they are given. Although Abby and Hatchet are never written to be anything more than gender stereotypes, the actors get the most out of the characters.

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A problem is black site takes itself too seriously. The film seems to aim for ruthless action, but the clunky dialogue and lack of surprises actively work against any tension. Add to that a plot that refuses to allow anyone to suspend disbelief, and things can get extremely frustrating. The film is at its peak after Hatchet’s escape. There are some awesome kills and he’s the most interesting character in black site. (It’s sort of a cheat because he’s silent most of the time.) There are also gruesome deaths which are arguably the most impressive part of the film.

black site has the elements of a good action movie. Michelle Monaghan is a believable action star while the simple premise is a good setup for insane action. Unfortunately, the script is a poor mix of simple action and catchy dialogue. It’s fun to be had, but it’s hard to look past its glaring flaws.

black site will be available in select theaters, On Demand and at Redbox newsstands May 3

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