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The Privilege (2022) – Review | Netflix Horror Movie

A solid lead

As already mentioned, The privilege is full of familiar faces that deliver strong performances. Especially the main character is portrayed by someone, you will have definitively recognize if you have watched the Netflix sci-fi series Dark.

He is played by Max Schimmelpfennig who was “Young Noah” in many episodes of Dark. And I can certainly understand why he was also chosen to play the lead role in this German horror film. It just works extremely well and can actually carry a story.

His best friend is played by Lea van Acken, who was Also in Dark. She appears in the last episode of Dark season 1 and is part of future seasons. Here in the Privilege, she works very well as the best friend of Max Schimmelpfennig. She is fierce and takes no BS from anyone. Also, she’s a lesbian who tries to help him date the girl he has a crush on.

Forced plot and predictable twists

This last detail about friendship makes some developments a little odd. Granted, the filmmakers try to be current and edgy, but they manage to completely miss those benchmarks.

And that brings me to the fact that these characters aren’t well written. However, this is mainly due to the fact that the story is very forced in many ways. This, in turn, forces the characters to do and say things that feel weird or offbeat.

To be frank, it sounds like teenagers (or young adults) written by adults who don’t bother to interact with anyone in that particular age group. Any attempt to be up to date falls flat or feels forced. It’s a shame because the actors manage to achieve all the required ratings.