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The Most Underrated Action Movie Icons of All Time, Ranked

Hollywood is fierce and not always fair. Not all good talent gets thrown into big budget movies. Many of these up-and-coming actors go on to pursue careers in B-grade movies or in supporting roles for bigger celebrities. Still, they shine in any screen space given to them. These stars remain underappreciated and oblivious to the wider public consciousness. Even though they have the acting skills, physique and commitment required, they never succeed. Reasons for this may include rampant nepotism in the film industry, bad luck, a weak network, or lack in other areas. Nonetheless, none of their other shortcomings overshadow their acting prowess. A few minutes watching them perform in movies is usually enough to gauge their talent. With that in mind, we discuss and rank the underrated action movie icons. Take a look at their work, if you haven’t, and let us know your opinion in the comments section.

1. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo has grown from humble beginnings. He worked as a laborer on construction sites as a foreman. Later in life he was imprisoned. While on parole, he was scouted and cast by a director in a movie. Impressed by his raw appearance, he looked like a badass. This began a long and illustrious career in action movies. It has been in hundreds of them, almost ubiquitous! Yet he rarely receives his due. His wealth of experience is not rewarded with better roles. It’s sad, because he’s a great action hero who’s performed well over the years. The highlight of his career was in the movie Machete, where he played a Mexican cop who is on a quest to rescue a kidnapped young girl.

2. Gerard Butler

most underrated motion icons ranked
Gerard Butler

Sure, Butler has some big hits under his belt. Yet much of his work is in B-grade films, where he has given many impressive performances. His work is most often derided by critics, but audiences seem to love him. He is truly an action movie icon and has several classics to his name. For some reason, the big studio and the directors aren’t giving him a job. We all know and love him for his classic performance as Spartan King Leonidas in 300. How a man of his caliber and talent goes underutilized is baffling! It ranks second on this list.

3. Frank Grillo

most underrated motion icons ranked
Frank G.

Grillo is a tough cookie! He looks tough as a rock and has solid acting skills too! He gave good performances in a few blockbusters, but much of his work is in the B category. Additionally, he gave his best performance in the Netflix production, Wheelman, where he plays a driver who participated in a robbery. failed bank. Additionally, he shone in his role as MCU villain Brock Rummlow, even though his role was short.

4. Maggie Q

most underrated motion icons ranked
Maggie Q

One of the most badass actors on this list, Maggie Q has given many top notch performances. She had starring roles in Live Free Or Die Hard and Mission Impossible 3. Time and time again she proved her acting prowess. Still, she hasn’t had much success when it comes to big-budget movies. This must change! Her best role was as cyberterrorist Mia Linh in Live Free Or Die Hard. She’s been signed to a few productions that have been shelved and is waiting to land a big movie.

5.Scott Adkins

most underrated motion icons ranked
Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins is a regular in many solid direct-to-video action films. It is quite reliable and gives good performance almost every time. Despite an impressive psyche, good acting skills and training in martial arts, the biggest banners do not offer him many opportunities. It’s sad. Although he has acted in a few blockbusters, he had a small role in them, so that doesn’t count. He aims to be the next James Bond, good luck to him!