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The Mean One Release Date: The Mean One: The Unofficial Horror Movie is set to hit theaters on this date, find the details here

Get ready for a special Christmas this year, as “Atlas Distribution” has announced that “The Mean One,” the Grinch-inspired slasher Christmas parody movie, will be released the second week of December. The awful and savage look of the film’s poster already shows the titular character, David Howard Thornton, a maniacal character, who he plays in the film.

What is the story of “The Mean One”?

The spooky film is set in the town of Newville, where the main character, “The Mean One”, aka David Howard Thornton, lives on a mountain and despises the Christmas holiday season. Krystle Martin, who plays the character of Cindy You-Know-Who, who watched “The Mean One” slaughter her parents 25 years ago, finds a new purpose in taking down the beast when it begins to terrorize the town.

The film is written by ‘Flip and Finn Kobler’ and directed by Steven LaMorte. “The Mean One” is based on the book “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, written for children by Dr. Seuss in 1957, and features other actors such as Chase Mullins, Erik Baker, John Bigham, Amy Schumacher and Flip Kobler in supporting roles.


1. Who are the producers of The Mean One movie?

Rep. Director Steven LaMorte, Martine Melloul and Amy Schumacher produced the film.

2. Is The Mean One the first screen adaptation of this type?

Rep. The Mean One is the fourth such film on the same story, the first being a television special in 1966, the second a live-action feature film released in 2000, and the third being a computer-animated film released in 2018.

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