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The greatest action movie stars of all time, ranked

There is a massive fan base of the action movie genre which only grows over time. Creating a good action movie usually requires exceptional staging and videography. However, it is not limited to that. The most important role is played by the actor who is visible on the screen. Actors in action films should not only be good performers, but also have real knowledge of martial arts. They often run the risk of being seriously injured, and yet these heroes are dedicated to our entertainment. Here is a list of some of the most incredible action movie stars of all time.

  1. Harrison Ford – Yes, Indiana Jones himself! Born in 1942, Ford sits at the 7th position of the top grossing domestic stars at the box office. One of Ford’s most iconic performances was Rick Deckard of Blade Runner. He also revived some pre-existing characters like Jack Ryan. And to top it off, his performance in the action film “Air Force One” is unforgettable. The fact that all of Ford’s characters are so different from each other proves that he also takes risks in real life. But you really don’t have to worry when they’re Harrison Ford!Harrison Ford - action flick

  2. Tom Cruise – When you talk about the action movie genre these days, the first name that comes up is Tom Cruise. Even though he’s a versatile actor, his accomplishments in action-based roles are extraordinary. One of Tom’s most significant accomplishments is the “Mission Impossible” film series. He is known to perform his stunts on his own. Tom has risked his life on several occasions, showing an unbeatable dedication to his work. It’s Tom Cruise for all of you!Tom Cruise - action movie

  3. Sigourney Weaver – Many of you will still recognize her as Ellen Ripley. This is the impact of his role in the famous “Alien” film series. Some people may not think of it as an action flick, but his role certainly required some of the toughest stunts, which made his character a single survivor. We are all waiting for the next “Avatar” movie sequels.Sigourney Weaver - action flick

  4. Jackie Chan – The lifeline of the King of Hong, Jackie Chan, is a global figure. Tracing yourself on the vast map of Hollywood is no easy task, especially as a foreigner. But nothing is impossible when you’re Jackie Chan. His expertise in martial arts is, to this day, unmatched. Chan understands the importance of art and has worked with the same stunt team his entire career. Having worked alongside Bruce Lee – an entirely different legend, Chan’s roots in the action film industry have taken a permanent hold.Jackie Chan - action movie

  5. Keanu Reeves – “Point Break” was probably the real turning point in Reeves’ career. His career in the action film industry has only shone since then. However, her popularity crossed all borders after her role in “The Matrix”. “Speed” was another of Reeve’s films that put him on the map.Keanu Reeves - action movie

  6. Michelle Yeoh – Much like Jackie Chan, Yeoh’s martial arts skills are mind blowing. She herself performs all the stunts that her role requires. His performance in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is nothing short of iconic. In fact, how many of you have seen his work in “Star Trek: Discovery”? She is entirely an action-packed refreshing breeze.Michelle Yeoh - action flick

  7. Kurt Russell – In his day, the definition of an action hero was limited to a straight face, fearless and tough. Russell changed that notion. Besides some iconic action scenes, he managed to make audiences laugh by being vulnerable. His contribution to the action film industry is of the utmost importance.Kurt Russell - action flick