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The Expendables 4’s Most Exciting Actor Isn’t An Action Movie Hero

In a series full of muscle-bound action stars and mercenaries, a star outside the genre just might be the outlier The Expendables needs.

In a sea of ​​action stars for the cast of the next Lionsgate Consumables 4, the most exciting and outstanding actor may not even be one. In previous installments of the current program The Expendables series, fans generally expected to see ’80s and ’90s stars sporting and appearing in marketing materials – a who’s who of classic action stars of the past. Whether it’s Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van-Damme or even fast furious‘ owning Jason Statham; whenever their names are seen, they usually know what they will be getting for the price of their ticket. However, every now and then non-action stars will show up, like Kevin Hart or Leslie Nielsen crushing a serious joint for comedic purposes. In Consumables 4In the case of, this could be the jolt of energy the series needs.


The Expendables The series is in an interesting position in terms of overall status and star power. With each successive episode, the cast list of those who ally with, make up, or are sworn enemies of the titular mercenary group has grown longer, threatening to collapse the series under its own excess. This was the case with 2014 badly received The Expendables 3whose absurdly long cast of 17 stars is more akin to a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, a lack of high-stakes threats and a watered-down PG-13 rating compared to the gleefully violent first two Rs left critics and audiences baffled. For Consumables 4, some lessons were learned from the failures of the previous film – a smaller cast and a return to R-rating among them. Even then, there’s still room for an outside surprise to join Barney Ross and the gang.

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For The Expendables 3it was MMA athlete Ronda Rousey, who would star in Furious 7 a year later – although his skills certainly fit the bill. For Consumables 4, it’s Megan Fox. While this casting choice might seem unusual at first, a closer look reveals that she might just be the most exciting actor to join the film. For much of her career, Fox has been cast in more romantic and appealing roles in hit franchises such as the first two. Transformers movies (as Mikaela Banes), being reduced to eye candy for more male audiences.

Megan Fox's Expendables 4 Role Avoids Transformers Breakdown

There were exceptions, of course, like the poorly marketed horror-comedy Jennifer’s body, but as his career progressed, his range and selection of roles grew. Recently, Fox’s acting portfolio has branched out with dramatic and comedic flair, from a guest spot on the television series new girl and the movies It’s 40 and The dictatoran appearance in Eminem’s controversial “Love the Way You Lie” music video, to voice and play two iconic female characters from Superman and TMNT past comics and cartoons, Lois Lane and April O’Neil. With many of them The Expendables roles relying on playing others with witty dialogue and banter among his ensemble cast, someone of Fox’s stature could be a breath of fresh air to offset his muscular style, bringing levity to the procedure. With the right script and the right character to work on, she might even be the standout actress in the whole movie.

Besides, The Expendables The series’ R rating may allow Fox to go wild with on-screen material in a way that hasn’t been seen since. Jennifer’s body. With an all-female spin-off for the franchise The ExpendaBelles almost ready to go, a successful performance from Fox could allow him to stay with the franchise and increase his viability in long-term action tents.

As The Expendables the series continues without Stallone after the conclusion of the fourth film and towards future spin-offs and sequels, the addition of an actor like Megan Fox can allow the series to easily join its older counterpart in fast furious breaking the mold and introducing exciting opportunities for actors outside of the action genre, leaving Fox not only the most exciting actor for Consumables 4but most likely for the future of the franchise itself.

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