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The Delta Force (1986) Revisited: Action Movie Review

When terrorism strikes and Americans abroad are in danger, Delta Force comes to the rescue. Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin rescue a bizarre cast of 70s character actors in this weird but slick disaster movie/action movie mashup – so hop on your rocket-powered motorcycle, feather your mule and get ready to roll with The Delta Force!

If you watched Reel or any of our series here on JoBlo Originals, you’ve no doubt heard of The Cannon Group. In the 1980s, Cannon, run by Israeli cousins ​​Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, was the specialist in B-action movies. Made at low cost, these movies had higher production values ​​than other movie machines. exploitation of this era, such as the relentless onslaught of action from Italy or the Philippines. It was real movies and movies like their Ninja trilogy including enter the ninja, ninja’s revenge and ninja iii dominationmore the american ninja series and, of course, Lapping’made a lot of money for relatively little overhead.

Yet by the mid-1980s, the Go-Go Boys, as the Hollywood press less fondly called them, had bigger aspirations, hiring directors like Jean-Luc Goddard and John Cassavetes to make art films. Some of these films, like that of Andrei Konchalovsky train out of controlwere actually good – like LEGIT good, not “good for a Cannon movie”.

One of these films is that of Menahem Golan The Delta Force, from 1986, which was one of Cannon’s greatest films to date. Based on the TWA Flight 847 hijacking, the film blends effective docudrama style with over-the-top Hollywood fantasy, as the film’s second half imagines a Delta Force raid that never happened and seems loosely based on the actual Raid on Entebbe, of which Golan himself made a film called Operation Thunderbolt.

Join us as we look back The Delta Force on this edition of Reel Action, which is written and narrated by Travis Hopson, edited by EJ Tangonan and produced by Chris Bumbray and Adam Walton. Watch previous episodes below and let us know what you think. The Delta Force!