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The coolest action movie stars of all time

Action movies tend to be filled with rough, tough, no-nonsense protagonists that audiences can’t help but root for. Many talented actors have become action stars, and their careers have been filled with awe-inspiring action sequences, memorable lines, and some of the most iconic characters ever seen on the big screen.

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Whether it’s wielding a weapon, jumping out of a plane, or using their own bodies as shields, these stars have endured long training sessions to ensure their movies are full of standout moments and stories. Although action movies aren’t always realistic, the coolest action stars make movies authentic and entertaining.

10/10 Jean-Claude Van Damme has set his own standard

Jean-Claude Van Damme has many titles, including international karate champion, pop culture icon and actor. The action star’s breakthrough role dates back to 1988 blood sport, which showcased his martial arts talent. After befriending martial arts movie star Chuck Norris, Van Damme incorporated his own martial arts training into his Hollywood career.

Van Damme’s experience and abilities propelled him to stardom. He had a 40-year career with around 60 films showing off his iconic splits, precise fighting technique and strength. However, what cements its “cool” status is being used as reference and inspiration for fighting games. mortal combat and Street fighter.

9/10 Jackie Chan is the epitome of cool and humor

Jackie Chan is synonymous with action, and he’s had a successful 50-year career to prove it. Chan was making his mark on the action scene long before he entered American cinema. He had roles in the Hong Kong film industry, even starring alongside Bruce Lee in fist of fury and Enter the dragon.

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Chan is known for adding a comedic twist to his extremely elaborate stunt sequences, which led him to form his own stunt team in 1983. He has an unrivaled legacy as one of the most famous action stars. most influential and recognized of all time. He starred in over 150 movies, did his own stunts, and even received an award named after him. Jackie Chan has become a pop icon and a pioneer in cool, comedic fighting styles.

8/10 Sylvester Stallone never lets a punch stop him

Sylvester Stallone is in a league of his own when it comes to cool sports action stars. His on-screen persona reflects the kind of unwavering focus and courage that Stallone experiences off-screen. Despite acting roles, Stallone manages to bring heart to his performances. He starred in a slew of box office hits and established himself as one of the most famous action stars of his generation.

Stallone received critical and commercial acclaim for Rocky, that he created. He has won several awards for his performances, including a Golden Globe in 2016 for Creed. Of Rocky at Rambo at Day light, there really isn’t any type of fight that Stallone can’t handle.

7/10 Bruce Willis took the 80s and 90s by storm

Bruce Willis knows how to bring action stories to life on the big screen. His charming sarcasm and impressive acting skills combine to form an iconic career, especially when it comes to action movies. Whether at Nakatomi Plaza in die hard or in space in The fifth Element, Willis has a knack for shooting a gun and saving the masses.

The actor cemented his status as an action star throughout the 80s and 90s, but he’s taken things to a whole new level over the past two decades with The Expendables (2010) and The Expendables 2 (2012). Arguably Willis’ coolest role is the pragmatic John McClane, who gave audiences the iconic catchphrase, “Yippee-ki-yay.”

6/10 Arnold Schwarzenegger has been coming back for decades

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a household name in the action-adventure genre, claiming some of the most iconic lines, roles, and films. Schwarzenegger’s background in bodybuilding has given him such a presence, whether it’s donning a kilt in Conan the Barbarian or a robotic face in the terminator franchise.

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Schwarzenegger has effortlessly combined her fitness background with an impressive film career. Still, Schwarzenegger never let his stature and form stop him from growing and developing his skills, establishing himself as a solid actor across multiple genres.

5/10 Jason Statham is an iconic British action star

The minute Jason Statham burst onto the Hollywood scene with Lock, reserve and two smoking barrels, it has become a household name. He then launched his career with films such as Snatch, the Italian joband Cellular. Statham turned out to be a cool action star. He ends up entering the Fast and Furious franchise and featured alongside other great action heroes in The Expendables.

While establishing himself as one of action’s biggest stars, Jason Statham also brought charm to his roles despite his undeniably intimidating presence. Even comedy can be seen in Statham’s impressive filmography, in movies like Hobbs and Shaw and To spy.

4/10 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has an impressive filmography

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may not have done very well in his first role as the Scorpion King, but it was more than enough to take this former wrestling star from the ring to the big screen. He has used his impressive skills and physique to his advantage in some pretty impressive Hollywood feature films.

Johnson’s physique is befitting of an action star, but when paired with his on-screen charisma and physical ability, there’s no denying he was made for fast-paced, action-packed movies. fights. Some of Johnson’s coolest action roles include Luke Hobbs (fast furious), Ray Gaines (San Andreas)and John Matthews (snitch).

3/10 Samuel L. Jackson is a well-known badass

Since the beginning of his career in 1971, Samuel L. Jackson has become a big name in Hollywood. He had several roles in blockbuster movies, which made him the highest-grossing actor of all time. Its multitude of roles includes villain, hero, and anti-hero, but they all possess the same level of personality and power.

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Jackson’s on-screen presence is undeniable, which has led to him being part of two of the biggest movie franchises. From Jules Winnfield to Nick Fury to Jedi Master Mace Windu, Samuel L. Jackson’s 40-year career is among the most memorable action films of all time.

2/10 Harrison Ford has another action movie on the way

By Hollywood standards, Harrison Ford may have joined the action genre a bit late, but he wasted no time in bringing his A-game to the table. Despite turning 80, Ford proved he’s still an action star with the announcement of IndianaJones 5. The sequel is set to release on July 30, 2023.

Ford made Han Solo and Indiana Jones two of the most iconic characters in movie history. Nevertheless, he always knew how to combine spirit, action and heart. This is seen in several of his films, including Air Force One, blade runner, The fugitiveand Patriot games.

1/10 There’s nothing Tom Cruise can’t do

There’s nothing Tom Cruise hasn’t tried and there’s probably nothing he can’t do. Over the past 30 years, Cruise has pulled off every fight, parkour, and flight stunt he has attempted. Not only can he be considered one of the most daring actors in Hollywood, but he is also one of the best producers of cool, entertaining and action-packed films.

Known for performing all of his own stunts, it’s safe to say that Tom Cruise is one of the coolest action stars of all time. With Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Edge of Tomorrow, and The last Samourai under his belt, Cruise has established himself as an incredibly impressive star.

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