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The Adam Project – Review | Netflix Sci-Fi Action Movie

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Shawn Levy is the director behind The Adam Project which marks his second consecutive film with Ryan Reynolds. They also did free guy (2021) together. A film, I also greatly enjoyed. Although in a very different way. Shawn Levy also directed the hit Netflix series stranger things since its first season in 2016.

The next feature Shawn Levy is set to direct is a remake of star man (1984). Well, it’s been announced that he will be directing anyway. I absolutely love the original star man which was directed by the master of horror John Charpentier. However, I’m not against remakes when they come nearly four decades after the original. Also, I’m curious to see how the next generation will be able to experience this story in a modern remake.

Anyway, back to The Adam Projectwhich is not a remake, it was written by Jonathan Tropper (warrior), TS Nowlin (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin. The latter two have worked on several projects together including Journey to the Center of the Earth and Nim’s Island.

Now when I see this a lot of writers are attached to a script, I tend to get nervous. For this one, it worked for me. Of course, it could have been a darker movie with less humor. But that’s not what it is – and it works! Well, if you accept it for what it is anyway.

Globally, The Adam Project is simply a wonderful movie watching experience. A perfect introduction to the sci-fi genre for the younger generation and great fun for adults too. Also, I liked that the ending was upbeat while still staying true to the core topics of dealing with reality. Don’t miss this one!

The Adam Project was released on Netflix from March 11, 2022.