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The action movie is timely and thrilling

Attack on Finland is the type of big action movie that filled the cinematic landscape of the 1980s. It’s Finland’s Independence Day and a celebration is taking place. Things take a tragic turn when the presidential palace is attacked and the president is taken hostage. It quickly becomes clear that this is only a step towards the ultimate goal of destabilizing Europe’s security.

The 2021 film is among those that are unwittingly topical. With the final objections on the sidelines, it looks like Finland will be part of NATO. However Attack on Finland is based on a work of fiction, the terrorists want to prevent the country from joining NATO. (In another prophetic account, the attackers are backed by Russia.)

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Setting aside the current state of world affairs will leave audiences with an action-packed film. There are a number of scenes that are well staged and build up the tension. The script may be short on character depth, but it ensures the audience is still engaged.

The wires are a fun pair to watch. Max Tanner is a Finnish secret agent while Sylvia Madsen is a Swedish agent. The two have great chemistry and are arguably the highlight of Attack on Finland. Even when things get predictable, Max and Sylvia keep things interesting. The public will support them all the time.

Attack on Finland is more than just an action movie, however. In addition to his shootings, he has something to say about bigger issues. Geopolitics and national security are just the tip of the iceberg as the film also touches on history while showcasing the fighting spirit of the entire country. If nothing else, it’s fascinating to see the differences between an action made in America versus an action made overseas.

Attack on Finland hits VOD and digital theaters July 1

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