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The 30 Scariest Horror Movie Monsters, Ranked

Ron Underwood’s classic creature feature from 1990, “Tremors,” achieves an incredible feat: making “annihilated earthworms menacing.”

Originally theorized as alien – “I’m voting for outer space. They’re not local boys”, says Earl Basset (Fred Ward) – the blind underground monsters, also known as the “Dirt Monsters” without imagination, turn out to be prehistoric agitators. who like to eat cattle, cars and occasionally human flesh as a treat. Their snake-like appendages are tough enough to keep a truck from escaping, and they’re patient enough to besiege their potential lunch for days. When they descend into the mountainous, desert town of Perfection, Nevada, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet: feeling the vibes that humans produce (walking, bouncing on a pogo stick, dribbling a basketball, etc.) , it’s easy for the creatures – dubbed “graboids” by store owner Walter Chang (Victor Wong) – to spot their next meal.

But there’s one thing they don’t count on: a pair of aimless handymen (Kevin Bacon and Ward), a seismologist, and a couple of Republican preppers with far too many guns. (Anya Stanley)