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The 15 Most Influential Horror Movie Stars of All Time

Looking back at the modern era, Brad Dourif easily makes the short list of influential horror actors. His performance as the voice of Chucky in the popular “Child’s Play” franchise, which spans seven feature films and a TV series, walks a tightrope between hilarious and terrifying. The classic story of haunted dolls has been reimagined many times, from 1945’s “Dead of Night” to Talky Tina in the 1963 “Living Doll” episode “Twilight Zone,” but no one has witnessed a legacy as old as Chucky.

“Chucky, at this point, is so famous. He’s been in the zeitgeist for 30 years, and the number of times Chucky is mentioned in famous rap songs you hear on the radio four times in an hour means he is a cultural reference point,” Fiona, Dourif’s daughter said. Dourif also referred to the bloodthirsty doll as “the ultimate coyote – who, in terms of American personalities, is very much alive”.

Dourif is also a skilled dramatic actor. His performance in “Flight Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in 1975 earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Despite his impressive resume, Dourif’s legacy is very much tied to the horror genre. In addition to voicing the killer doll, Dourif has appeared in many other major horror films, including “Body Parts”, “Trauma”, and “The Exorcist III”. His pedigree also includes roles in Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake “Halloween” and its sequel. On the contrary, Brad Dourif has always perfected the killer doll archetype, and no one can top him.