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Sylvester Stallone’s Favorite Action Movie Is A Korean War Epic

Sylvester Stallone once revealed that one of his favorite action films is the acclaimed 2004 South Korean epic The Brotherhood of War.

Sylvester Stallone’s Favorite Action Movie is a heartbreaking Korean War epic called The Brotherhood of War. After a few lean years following the failure of projects like the serial killer film D-Tox, Stallone made a comeback in the late 2000s thanks to the success of Rocky balboa. This sixth entry redeemed the saga following the negative response in the 1990s Rocky V and gave Stallone his first major hit in over a decade.

He continued to consolidate this comeback with the 2008s Rambo and created a new action franchise with The Expendables. Of course, with the original First blood in 1982, Stallone became one of the leading action movie stars of the decade. Rambo, in particular, became an icon while Stallone also starred in action hits like the 1986s. Cobra or action comedy Tango & Money.


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Even in his 70s, Stallone still makes grueling action shots like 2019’s Rambo: last blood. The actor himself is clearly a fan of the genre and revealed himself during a Q&A with AICN in 2006, that his favorite action movie was First blood. This is due to the more realistic and realistic action of the story. Stallone also praised the skills of Jet Li, Jason Statham, and Jackie Chan when it comes to favorite action stars. He gave a surprising response to his favorite action movie besides his own, stating “My favorite action movie… actually one of my favorite action movies is a Korean movie called THE BROTHERHOOD OF WAR, directed by Kang Je-gyu. “

Cast of the Brotherhood of War 2004

The Brotherhood of War – A.K.A Taegukgi – is a 2004 South Korean drama set during the Korean War. It tells about the conflict from the perspective of Lee Jin-tae (Jang Dong-gun) and Lee Jin-seok (Won Bin, Man from nowhere), who are forced to fight in the conflict. Jin-tae is told that if he wins a medal, he will have the power to send his younger brother home, and thus take increasingly dangerous risks, which deserves praise for his bravery. isolating him from Jin-seok, who is disturbed to see his apparent thirst for blood. The Brotherhood of War was praised upon its release and has become one of South Korea’s most successful films.

The film is a truly devastating drama, which in the vein of war films like Save Private Ryan, gives viewers an unvarnished look at combat. The fight scenes are gory and visceral, and their hand-held intensity may have influenced how Stallone directed Rambo’s action in 2008. The Brotherhood of War primarily works like a big drama, which makes the battle sequences so vivid, and it’s easy to see how that left an impression on Stallone.

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