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‘Straight Out of a Horror Movie’ – Video of Nightmare Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

A video claiming to show a woman rejecting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in a crowded nightclub has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The clip first surfaced on Reddit, after being uploaded by Montanaoxfst, and quickly started gaining attention. At the time of writing it has been upvoted over 17,000 times.

However, the reaction has been far from positive, with many users comparing it to something approaching a nightmare.

The video begins with a man, down on one knee in the middle of a nightclub, asking a woman standing nearby “Will you marry me?” as he was surrounded by a crowd of people filming the whole sorry saga on their smartphones.

After asking the question through the microphone, the boyfriend passes the mic to a nearby MC who tries to pressure the woman into providing an answer.

He is heard obediently answering “no” multiple times while shouts of “yes” can be heard from the surrounding crowd.

Eventually, it all proves too much for the object of the man’s affections and she makes a quick exit through the crowd and out of the room.

By then her boyfriend had already recorded her response and is last seen in footage walking around anxiously after realizing the gravity of what he did.

But despite the fact that he most likely put the entire relationship at risk with his actions, sympathy was scarce online.

“This is a great example of why you need to know your partner and what they want BEFORE attempting a public proposal,” aufukkum wrote. “The public proposals add so much social pressure from strangers to what is supposed to be a romantic moment.”

Shahster agreed, “It takes a special kind of moron to make a public proposal when he’s unsure of the outcome.”

For other users like NullNova, the human tuning choice was misguided to say the least. “Anyone encroaching with their phones with screaming lights is like something straight out of a horror movie,” they said. Delicious_Asshole2 echoed that sentiment. “Honestly reminds me of Carrie’s vintage scene,” they wrote.

Another user, posted as Delta-76, thought the man might have very specific reasons for putting his girlfriend on the spot like this. “I personally have always thought that public proposals like these are deliberately made by people who hope that public pressure will get the partner to say yes,” they wrote.

While the man was condemned for his actions, there was a considerable amount of sympathy for the woman he had proposed to. “Poor girl just came to have a good time so she wouldn’t be humiliated,” StrawberryLeche commented.

HateTheCity, like most on the thread, thought it was ultimately a case of the wrong place and the wrong time. “Unless this club has some kind of high relevance in their relationship, this proposal is NOT the decision,” they said.

Newsweek has contacted Montanaoxfst for comment.

While hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing, research has shown that public proposals are statistically more likely to end in rejection than private proposals.

In a 2021 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, University of Victoria psychologists Lisa B. Hoplock and Danu Anthony Stinson analyzed 374 marriage proposal stories posted on Reddit or Weddingbee.

The results showed that when men proposed in front of other people, they were more likely to be rejected.

Only 32% of accepted proposals came when other people were present. Of those who were rejected, people were present about 45% of the time.

Image of a woman rejecting a marriage proposal. Footage purporting to show a disastrous marriage proposal has been compared to something out of a horror movie.