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SPAWN Creator Todd McFarlane Teases ‘Huge’ Live-Action Movie News For Tomorrow

Spawn fans had almost given up hope of seeing live-action reboot creator Todd McFarlane teased for a few years, but it looks like there’s finally been some movement on the project.

McFarlane sent out the following Tweet earlier tonight, promising that “huge Spawn movie news” will be coming sometime tomorrow.

His post included a first look at the movie’s official logo (just kidding…we hope!)

In the last news, Spawn was still in active development at Blumhouse, but the pandemic would have caused significant delays, and McFarlane wanting to direct would have brought its own set of problems.

As far as we know, Jamie Foxx is still attached to play the title role. The Spider-Man: No Coming Home the actor shared the following update earlier this year during an interview with

“I’m talking to Todd and we want to create something so special because I remember seeing the first Spawn movies and then seeing the HBO versions and so we have something that almost feels like an original, without giving too much away,” Foxx said. . “But it starts off in such a cool way. And it’s not a big budget, you know? And that’s what I love about it.”

Although the character’s popularity has waned somewhat over the years, Image’s Spawn was one of the best-selling comics of the 90s. The 1997 film didn’t do the comic justice, but the HBO animated series was far more successful.

This reboot is being developed with an R-rating in mind, but that’s about all we need to do for now. Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what McFarlane is teasing!