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Silent Hill 2 is getting a video game remake and a live-action movie

In my restless dreams, I see new content for Silent Hill. The survival horror video game franchise has spawned a bunch of games and movies, and one of the popular titles in the series is Silent Hill 2. It follows James Sunderland as he enters Silent Hill in search of his dead wife, Mary. Today, Konami hosted a special livestream titled Silent Hill: Transmission, which revealed many new projects in the world of the survival horror franchise, including a Silent Hill 2 remake and live-action adaptation.

Silent Hill 2 remake

One of the exciting projects is a completely redone version of silent Hill 2. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and Steam. The trailer was released featuring James Sunderland and his descent into the madness that is Silent Hill. He will encounter Pyramid Head, deadly nurses and other disturbing creatures.

Silent Hill 2 Live Action Movie

The franchise has seen its share of live-action films, including the first directed by Christophe Gans (La Confrérie du Loup). He will be back to direct Return to Silent Hill, based on the Silent Hill 2 video game. During the livestream, Konami released the trailer for the upcoming film, and it teases the story of James Sunderland and Mary.

Silent Hill: Fall of the City

Annapurna Interactive and No Code Studios (Stories Untold, Observation) are working on Silent Hill: Fall of the City. Here is the trailer.

Silent Hill: Climb

Silent Hill: Ascension is a new interactive streaming experience coming in 2023. It is developed by Genvid, Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive (Dead in broad daylight) and DJ2 Entertainment (Life Is Strange 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie).

Silent hill f

Silent Hill f is a new story set in 1960s Japan by writer Ryukishi07.

Konami is making a big comeback with its Silent Hill franchise, and whoever is the key person behind this resurgence hopes they see this town and keep going.

Are you looking forward to Silent Hill’s next projects? Which ones are you most passionate about? Let us know!