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Shark Bait Review – Just Another Mediocre Shark Attack Horror Movie

The writer and director Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Tom McLoughlin is a big fan of Friday 13 franchise, so much so that he has been hungry for many years to get a new Friday above ground project. Sure, the franchise is chained to the bottom of a lake due to legal issues at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped McLoughlin from writing scripts.

As you may recall, McLoughlin spoke with us in 2020 about his concept of Jason never diesa script for a direct sequel to jason lives which he recently introduced.

Bloody Disgusting can exclusively reveal that Tom McLoughlin has also come up with an entirely different storyline for a Friday project, this one titled Diary of Pamela Voorhees.

McLoughlin worked alongside sweet james on the concept, a script for a theatrical feature/limited series that he would like to one day have the chance to bring to life.

McLoughlin told BD: “Keeping this a secret for almost a year now, the fan side of us thought it was the ONLY Friday the 13th this year. And the day Jason was born. If there’s a day to announce, I can’t think of a better one. And YES, we are aware that our script, as reported yesterday by CNN, currently has no chance of being made due to the rights settlement being far from resolved. And who knows, maybe whoever finally gets the split rights might want to do a Hockey Masked Jason.

“When James mentioned wanting to do a story that starts with Jason being born, my head exploded with so many character episodes and events that we can create,” he continues. “We both started. The goal was also to reveal how they became the iconic horror legends that they are.. In fact, we created so many characters and stories that we realized we had a limited series as well as a feature film.

Here is the idea for Diary of Pamela Voorheesstraight from Tom McLoughlin…

Diary of Pamela Voorhees is of course based on the Victor Miller characters of Pamela Voorhees and her young son Jason. The story takes place in post-war Central America.. People are uncertain, afraid of the unknown and distrustful. This is the world Mrs. Voorhees and Jason have to deal with. On the night of June 13, 1946, abused 16-year-old Pamela gives birth to a disfigured, mentally handicapped boy whom she names Jason.

Over the next ten years we see the painful life this rejected single mother must survive to raise and protect her Jason who most of all these people treat like a monster. Her psychopathic mind turns darker, then vengeful as she brutally kills any critics of her son. They then move on, Pamela fantasizing about finding a place that truly belongs to them. The film and the limited series end with their arrival at Camp Crystal Lake on May 19, 1956. (The rest we know.)

McLoughlin explains, “Pamela’s diary gives us a better understanding of how she feels. It’s especially even more disturbing when we hear of his psychopathic and sociopathic thoughts and plans. I wanted to approach this as if it were a true story. Every event and every character is believable. No supernatural aspect. As extreme as his murders are, they are murders of passion. Serial killers like Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron in ‘Monster’) are more emotionally horrifying being tied to honest belief or rationalization. There’s also a deeply unsettling and chilling aspect to seeing the child Jason watching, perhaps learning of his mother’s savage murders. Splattered with Blood; Mrs. Voorhees embraces her son with genuine motherly warmth. Gently explaining to him why these bad guys need to die. “If we don’t kill them, Jason, they will continue to hurt other people like us. There is no God who will punish them. Only us, Jason.’”

“So we will all continue to await the outcome of the settlement. And James and I will continue to tinker and polish the script,” McLoughlin ends his conversation with BD. “In the meantime…Happy birthday, Jason. And happy Friday the 13th to all Friday fans. And keep making those fan-funded movies. You may really be the future of the Voorhees family.

Happy Friday the 13th indeed. Check out McLoughlin’s concept poster below!

Pamela Voorhees Diary Poster