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Schwarzenegger’s Forgotten ’90s Action Movie Beretta Island Explained

At the height of his fame, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the direct-to-video action film Beretta’s Island; here is its role explained.

At the height of his stardom in the early 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a straight-to-video action movie titled Beretta Island – Here’s why. While Schwarzenegger had already hit movies The Terminator, it was the 1984 sci-fi action film that made him a movie star. In the aftermath of the film’s success, it had a string of box office hits, including Commando and Twins. By the late ’90s, it was clear that the reign of action stars like Arnie, Stallone and Van Damme was coming to an end.


For Schwarzenegger, the failure of films like end of days – the only movie where his character died – or Collateral damage signaled that he needed to move on to new things. He did this in 2003 when he became Governor of California, but when his political career ended he returned to acting in 2013. The last Stand. Schwarzenegger remains an icon of cinema, which can be seen in the beloved status of much of his work as terminator Where Predator.

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One of Schwarzenegger’s closest friends was the late Italian bodybuilder Franco Columbu. The two met at a competition in 1965 and quickly became close, working and training together in the years that followed. Columbus would also appear in Arnie movies like The running man and like the T-800 Infiltrator seen in The Terminator. Their close relationship is no doubt why Schwarzenegger appeared in Columbu’s action flick Beretta Island In 1994.

Schwarzenegger appeared in Beretta Island as a favor

Beretta Island Cast Columbu as a retired Interpol agent – codenamed “Beretta” – who is lured to his home island of Sardinia to confront a drug lord. Beretta Island was one of many 90s movies like Taken alive – with Frank Stallone – who tried to make Columbu an action star. Unfortunately, he lacked the charisma and presence of his old friend Arnold, who seems to play his own part. Beretta Island stage.

by Arnold Schwarzenegger Beretta Island the appearance occurs early in the story and sees him training with Franco in a gymnasium. While he makes vague references to Beretta’s retirement from Interpol, the scene is really just the two sparring. It’s likely that Arnold – who has plenty of movies and shows to come – only agreed to appear if his entire role could be captured in the space of a single practice session. Despite his diminutive appearance, some VHS and DVD covers plastered his image all over their artwork to trick potential viewers into thinking he had a much bigger role. Beretta Island was also directed by Michael Preece, who directed Arnie in one of his first screen roles in “Dead Lift”, a 1977 episode of The streets of San Francisco. Beretta Island received largely terrible reviews for its action sequences and stilted acting and was largely forgotten – except for Schwarzenegger’s brief cameo.

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