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Ten full years have passed between the release of zombieland and more 2019 Zombieland: double tap, but will it take another ten years, if at all? – before seeing zombie land 3?

Back in 2019, Tap twice grossed $122.8 million at the worldwide box office, suggesting that audiences are still interested in the adorable group of zombie killers. But what does director Ruben Fleischer think of zombieland back for a third film?

Well, it looks like he’s not looking forward to coming back just yet…

Fleischer tells ComicBook.com this week“Making the first film was a dream come true. It was my very first film. Emma [Stone] and jesse [Eisenberg] were relatively unknown at that time. And it was a dream experience. And because it was such a random, off-the-radar movie, I think people were really surprised at how charming it was. And we wanted to do a sequel as soon as the first one came out, but we just didn’t have a story worth telling.. And it just took time to let it marinate and let the characters evolve.

“And I’m so happy and proud that the cast was able to come back so we could do the second one,” adds the filmmaker. “Emma joked, while we were making the movie, we should be making one every 10 years. So hopefully by 2029 there will be another zombieland. But I do not know. I mean, I also kinda feel like Tap twice… I do not know.

“I wonder how many times you can go back to the well, so we’ll see.”

In addition to the two zombieland films, Ruben Fleischer also directed Venomand his most recent film is the film with Tom Holland Unexploredreleasing this coming weekend.

As for zombie land 3well, maybe don’t hold your breath.

Woody Harrelson stars in ZOMBIELAND from Columbia Pictures.