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Reddit’s Best Unrealistic Stupid Action Movie Of All Time

with discharge Thor: Love and Thunderwriter-director Taika Waititi doubles Ragnarokstupidity, however Fourquel was criticized for being too stupid. In the new MCU movie, Thor acts more like Ace Ventura than Thunder God, but as ridiculous as he is, it’s still a lot of fun.

love and thunder It’s not the first animated movie to be too silly to be real, and overall it’s relatively real. Redditors jumped at the chance to debate which silly unrealistic movies are the most effective. And among the many aquatic themes Curly MaxA hero who will die if his adrenaline drops, and Reddit patrons who have gone from oil drillers to astronauts make a fine argument.

knife (1998)

Wesley Snipes Blade Movie Restoration 4k

Lifeofmammals cites one of the first Marvel movies as the most ridiculously dumb movie: 1998 Knife’s blade. The Redditor wrote, “There is a social gathering at a goth vampire warehouse. I guess that’s what I thought when I was young, grown up and went golfing. The Warehouse sequence is hugely entertaining, especially when it turns into an absolute massacre.

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With Knife’s blade In the palms of Marvel Studios and a reboot as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character will no doubt be in a much smarter and much more eye-catching car. Still, there’s no denying that the insane and unrealistic fight against the vampire hunter in the original 1998 film was a lot of fun.

water world (1995)

Mariner, Helen and Enola on their boat at Waterworld

water world The movie had an amazing idea as it imagined a dystopian future where the sea level rises so high and 90% of the land is covered. And it’s not far off because it’s an increasingly worrisome downside. Nonetheless, the 1995 film didn’t quite hit the landing, and the idea was a failed alternative.

But Nothankyou821 thinks otherwise and guesses the daring movie is definitely a lot of fun. water world It may have been higher because in precise palms it could have been more water themed. Curly Max film, but not without the benefits of film. He constructs his world with attention-grabbing, albeit utterly absurd, methods.

Crank (2006)

Chev fights a helicopter in Crank

CrankChev’s lead character Chelios was almost played by Nicolas Cage, and that’s no shock given the 2006 film’s absurd premise. is totally in line with Cage’s fascinating but questionable cinematic decisions – otherwise the poison will kill him.

RedOnyx94 said, “God, this movie has such a ridiculous plot and might be one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.” Chev has some cool ways to keep the excess adrenaline going like fighting gangsters, reckless driving and many crazier ways. Result, Crank: Excessive tensionmuch more unrealistic and silly, but just as fun.