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‘Raven’s Hollow’ Trailer – Shudder’s original horror film centers on a young Edgar Allan Poe

Cinedigm announced today that it has acquired the North American rights to the Belgian horror and survival film deep fearwhich will have its world premiere at Fantastic party in September before airing on the Bloody Disgusting SCREAMBOX on October 11.

Deadline first broke the news this afternoon.

Realized by Gregory Begin (losers revolution) and set in the 1980s, three students embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they decide to celebrate their recent graduation in Paris. Wanting to do something more exciting than visiting the local sights, they decide to descend into the capital’s enigmatic catacombs.

Safe in the basement, they find the escape they were looking for, unaware that they are not alone in the darkness…

When they discover a bunker created during the Nazi occupation, they have no way of knowing the danger lurking there. Something, somebodyhunt them! Trapped underground, the group must get out before it’s too late…

“The Catacombs are spooky, but inject a heavy dose of claustrophobia, an undead Nazi and his dog, and you’ve got yourself a nightmare deep in the streets of Paris,” says Brad Miska, General Manager of Bloody Disgusting.

“Dark, damp and bloody, French horror is making a comeback and deep fear deliver the goods. »

Lori Donnelly writes for Fantastic party: “An atmospheric horror full of old-school scares and claustrophobic cinematography, deep fear puts a unique spin on underground horror movies like Lowering and As above, so below. deep fear Cleverly combines the conventions established by previous films with classic slasher elements in an entertaining ride that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. ”

Fantastic Fest 2022 takes place September 22-29 in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit their website.

Written by Nicolas Tackian (Alexander Hugo), the film takes viewers away from the beautiful lights of the French capital in the famous city of the dead. The film is produced by Sébastien Delloye and François Touwaide.

The deal was brokered by Acquisitions Manager Brandon Hill on behalf of Cinedigm and WTFilms’ Greg Chambet on behalf of the filmmakers.

Halloween is coming! deep fear joins the already massive list of SCREAMBOX Originals/Exclusives which includes Terrifier 2, All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, Story Game, Welcome to Hell, PussyCake, Pennywise: The History of Computing, Suicide Forest Village, History of the Occultand the uncut edition of Satan’s little helper!

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