Horror movie

R-rated scary horror film is making waves on Disney Plus

Thanks to the advent of Disney Plus and the company’s acquisition of Fox, we now live in a world where R-rated movies can be among the most viewed titles on the platform. What a time to live.

While the notorious box office bomb Terminator: Dark Fate Has kept action fans sated after performing strong in audience ratings, an R-rated atmospheric horror has now started rising through the ranks after getting lost in the pandemic reshuffle when it premiered released in theaters this summer.

The night house

Directed by rising star of the fear merchant David Bruckner, The night house follows Rebecca Hall’s Beth, who struggles to come to terms with her husband’s tragic and totally unexpected suicide. However, she begins to have unsettling visions and haunting nightmares that might actually be real, causing her to delve deep into her spouse’s secret life and past.

An 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes tells you all you need to know, while Hall delivers one of the best horror performances of the decade for good measure. According to FlixPatrol, The night house is currently within reach of the Disney Plus Top 20, proving once again that the public loves little more than being terrified at any time of the year.