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Pokemon Animation Shows What A Magnemite Encounter Would Look Like In A Horror Movie

Horror and video games are two things that are often linked. In fact, the horror genre in gaming is full of notable titles, such as Resident Evil Village and Chernobylite, to name a few recent additions. While there are plenty of games that fall into this category, one series that is often not associated with horror is Pokemon. However, an animator decided to change that by creating a video featuring Magnemite, an unusually designed Pokémon.

As part of the original Gen 1, Magnemite has been a part of the franchise for a long time. However, its longevity in the series doesn’t make this Electric/Steel-type Pokemon’s design any less eye-catching. The Pokémon has a gray coloring and features large horseshoe magnets on opposite sides of its spherical body. Adding to this peculiar appearance, Magnemite has a large cyclops-like eye surrounded by several screws. Given this design, it’s not hard to see why a TikTok user named Revival decided to have this star Pokemon in their horror video.


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The video made by Revival took place inside what appeared to be an abandoned building and featured a person having a run-in with a Magnemite. The animator chose to show the action from a first-person perspective, adding to the drama of the situation. Also, the lighting was dim, which added to the suspense of the scene. Initially, the Magnemite of Pokemon The series was discovered behind a strip of cautionary yellow tape as the person on the scene could be heard letting out a gasp. However, things quickly took a much more disturbing turn.

Suddenly, the Pokemon started heading towards the camera as the person ran away. However, they didn’t get very far before they stopped. Reaching a dead end, the person turned to see the Magnemite charging towards them. The video was later cut, leaving viewers to guess what happened to the terrified individual.

This Pokemon clip posted on TikTok by Revival had a huge impact on the Pokemon community. In just over a week, the clip managed to garner over 214K views. Moreover, more than 24.5,000 viewers liked the short film. Interestingly, this is not the only horror theme Pokemon video created by Revival. The filmmaker has other short videos featuring Pokémon such as Marowak, Mew, and Snorlax on their TikTok for those who want to see more.

Impressive, this isn’t the only Magemite fan art showcased by talented fans recently. Over the year, this Electric/Steel-type Pokémon has been the focus of several fan projects. For example, a player made an animation featuring Magnemite in Blender. Time will tell what other Magnemite fan art will be featured by passionate members of the Pokemon community in the coming weeks.

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