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Paul WS Anderson plans to make a “complete horror movie” soon

The 1997 sci-fi horror film Event horizon (Look at this HERE) may not have been one of director Paul W.S. Anderson’s most financially successful projects, but it appears to be one of his most popular and respected films. Perhaps the most respected of the group. Many of the films he has made since have had horror elements – the resident Evil movies, Alien vs Predator – but none have been as dark as Event horizon. And Anderson said Variety that he is interested in returning to “total horror” territory.

Speaking with Anderson to mark the 25th anniversary of Event horizonVariety asked him if he would like to do “another full-bodied horror movie like Event horizon“. He has answered,

Absolutely I would. In fact, I’m planning on doing some sort of pure horror movie in the near future. It’s something that has always interested me. My career has been more action oriented, but it’s always been kind of scary action. I’ve always tried to take big leaps, even in the PG-13 movies I’ve made. But I would absolutely love to do a more complete horror film – a film that works more on a psychological level, a return to what Event horizon has been.

Before embarking on the production of this complete psychological horror film, Anderson will direct the adaptation of George RR Martin In the lost lands. A film that will star his wife Milla Jovovich (The fifth Element) and Dave Bautista (guardians of the galaxy) – and yes, will have at least one scene from both of these fights.

Event horizon is definitely my favorite Paul WS Anderson movie, so I’m glad to hear he’s interested in doing something else along the same lines. I’ve been disappointed by his work more times than he’s impressed me, but I’d gladly watch another serious Anderson horror film.

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