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‘Nope’ – What can we expect from Jordan Peele’s new horror film?

While waiting for the trailer, which will surely arrive very, very soon, what do we know about Jordan peeleis the next horror movie? Let’s do a little recap, okay?

Coming in the wake of the game change Get out and equally impressive (in this writer’s personal opinion) but perhaps not so revolutionary We, Peele’s third horror film is currently titled no, and it has been described as “a new terror in the mind of Oscar winner Jordan Peele”. Peele of course won this Oscar for the above. Get out, winning the trophy for Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Oscars. Peele’s debut film was even nominated for Best Picture, a rare achievement for horror.

Both written and directed by Peele, no is shrouded in secrecy at the moment, but we have a cast and a first promotional poster to whet our appetites …

Daniel Kaluuya (Get out) will team up with Peele on the mysterious film, the cast also including Steven yeun (“The Walking Dead,” Grabuge) and Keke Palmer (“Scream”). Michael wincott (The crow), Barbie ferreira and Brandon Perea also star.

Daniel Kaluuya in “Get out”

Universal currently has the new Peele shoot for July 22, 2022, which means we should probably expect a trailer in the next few months. The first trailer for We, as a bit of context here, was uploaded a little less than three months before the film’s release, so a similar timeline would bring the no trailer posted circa April. Then again, with the ongoing pandemic once again throwing a wrench in all theater shots as the Omicron variant takes the numbers back to worrying highs, the film could certainly be moved out of the summer.

For now, however, no is still very much scheduled for summer 2022, currently slated for a theatrical-only release. It should be noted that “selected sequences” were filmed in 65 mm with IMAX cameras.

no is part of a Universal Pictures inked “five-year exclusive production partnership” with Peele and his company Monkeypaw Productions, and it has been described as a “horror event”. Mind you, anything that comes from Peele at this point is instantly an event, but we can probably expect no to be Peele’s biggest movie to date, with the advertised IMAX optimization and everything. On that note, the film’s cinematographer is Hoyte van Hoytema, whose previous work includes Leave the one on the right in, Spectrum, and the films of Christopher Nolan Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Principle.

So what is it exactly no on? This is where the trail on this one gets cold.

All we really have to do is the aforementioned movie poster, which you can find below. This poster, shared by Peele last July, is the only official marketing we’ve gotten for the film so far, giving us a glimpse into what appears to be a remote town or village at the foot of a mountain, with a cloud looming above. Inside this cloud hangs a chain of pendants, making the cloud look like a huge balloon hanging over the city.

“This is pure wild speculation here, but the focal point is obviously the cloud / kite chain thing,” thought Bloody Disgusting chief critic Meagan Navarro in a conversation that we recently had it on Slack. “Which made me think of the whole kite experience and the conduct of electricity or lightning. And the city below being the one that receives this electricity.

As Wikipedia explains, “The kite experiment is a scientific experiment in which a kite with a sharp conductive wire attached to its top flies near storm clouds to collect electricity from. air and lead it along the wet kite line to the ground. It was proposed and possibly was directed by Benjamin Franklin with the help of his son William Franklin. The purpose of the experiment was to uncover the unknown facts about the nature of lightning and electricity, and with other field experiments, to demonstrate that lightning and electricity were the result of the same phenomenon.

When this poster first appeared, I personally viewed the Illuminated City as some kind of carnival, which reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s classic Halloween tale. Something bad this way comes. On closer inspection, it doesn’t appear to be a carnival at all, but as Meagan notes, “something sinister is clearly blowing in the city,” akin to Something nastythe scenario of.

“There’s always some kind of historical context built into his films, so the kite thing stuck with me,” Meagan also notes. Indeed, we can probably expect no have some social commentary and some sort of real-world context, though Get out and We are an indication.

One more interesting thing to note here is that it was announced last July, just as this poster fell, that all of Universal’s major 2022 releases will find exclusive home on the Peacock streaming service shortly thereafter. their arrival in theaters, being part of a new deal that has been inked. The essential ? Beginning in 2022, Universal’s theatrical releases will head to the Peacock streaming service “no later than four months” after they hit the big screen. no is of course part of Universal’s 2022 slate, but that could all change from here on out.

So what do you think of the poster and what it suggests? Ring below!