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Nicolas Cage reveals which recent horror film inspired his next Dracula performance

Nicolas Cage is one of the most unforgettable actors of his generation. With good reason, too – the Oscar-winning actor’s career path has been a mixture of blockbuster action classics and obscure films, so bad they’re good. He approached each role he takes on with a unique combination of authenticity and eccentricity. It is therefore not surprising that he takes a legendary role of universal monsters – Dracula. What is somewhat surprising, however, is what horror movies it draws inspiration from.

After a hectic ride independent drama Pork, and play an unlucky version of himself in the next one The unbearable weight of massive talent, Nic Cage has set his sights on a monster movie. Honestly, it’s pretty good that he plays the most famous vampire of all time in Universal’s. Renfield. Although he has taken a step back from making great studio movies in recent years, it seems Cage is excited about the opportunity – and is already considering his own unique approach.

The actor recently appeared on Varieties Rewards circuit Podcast and explained that she is a longtime fan of the classic Bram Stoker novel. He’s also watched some of the role’s most iconic renditions – name Bella Lugosi, Frank Langella, and Gary Oldman in his uncle’s version of Dracula – while preparing for the role. But even though he was inspired by these performances, the actor said he was wondering how to approach the character:

I was like, ‘What can I bring that will be different?’ Because I want it to explode in a unique way. We saw it played well, we saw it played less well, so what can we do? And I think I’m really focusing on the movement of the character. You know I saw Malignant and thought about what she did with those moves – and even Ringu with Sadako [Yamamura], I want to watch what we can explore with his movement and his voice.

If you’ve seen any of these movies, you can probably understand why Nicolas Cage would be inspired by these performances, even though they’re not vampire stories. The scary contortions that Gabriel (Marina Mazepa) performs helped to do Smart one of the best horror movies of 2021. And there is a reason why Ringu is still considered one of the the best Japanese horror movies of all time – Sadako’s otherworldly movements are unforgettable.

Knowing that he was inspired by these films gives us an idea of ​​what we might expect from him in Renfield. Looks like he’s got more on his mind than scaring us, though:

But for me, what makes it super fun is that it’s a comedy. And when you get that right tone, comedy and horror, like American Werewolf in London, it’s a blast. You have to do it right, it has to be a target, but that’s what I’m looking for; something new to bring to the character and also that perfect tone of comedy and horror.

We know Nic Cage is more than capable of directing just about any genre in his own way, so if that’s the approach they’ll take to Renfield, that looks pretty promising. It is not yet known when the film will begin production – but there is a list of Upcoming Universal Classic Monster Movies to look forward to.