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New Details About ‘Hercules’ Live-Action Movie Cause Backlash On Social Media

Producer Joe Russo Told Variety in a new interview that the new Hercules will be “a little more experimental in tone, a little more experimental in execution”.

“I think they’re excited to see what we can all contribute in a way that isn’t just a reinterpretation of the animated film,” he said.

Dude is perfect for this because he has a penchant for experimentation,” Jo said, confirming that the live-action will also be a musical.

“There are questions about how you translate it into a musical,” he continued, confirming that ICT Tac is a source of inspiration.

“The audience today was trained by TikTok, right? What do they expect from what this musical looks and feels like? It can be a lot of fun and help us push back a bit the limits of how you run a modern musical.

Danny DeVito also weighed on the planned live action film of Hercules.

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