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Much of the more buzzy content coming to theaters and streaming services is now based on books as source material. Remember that trailer with Lady Gaga that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago? It’s the one where she makes the sign of the cross and fiendishly promises “Father, Son and House of Gucci”. This film is based on that of Sara Gay Forden The House of Gucci: a sensational story of murder, madness, glamor and greed. Matt Damon / Jodie Comer’s new movie The last duel, meanwhile, is based on a book of the same name which tells the story of the last legally sanctioned duel in medieval France. Apple just finished filming part of its upcoming limited series Five days at the Memorial based on Sheri Fink’s book about a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina – in Toronto, and preparing to move to Louisiana. And the new one released Night books The Netflix movie is also based on a children’s book of the same name, from 2018.

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Night books Netflix movie, streaming now

In this film, which is currently No. 3 on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies list, Winslow Fegley plays a young boy named Alex. He is obsessed with scary stories. Krysten Ritter plays an evil witch who traps him in his magical apartment. Where, therefore, she forces him to tell her a scary story every night to stay alive. Meanwhile, Alex teams up with another prisoner named Yasmin to try to find a way to escape.

“Boo,” Ritter’s sassy witch said to the frightened young Alex from the start. “Let’s get it over with. I am a busy witch. Are you useful in any way? “

The film currently enjoys a solid 79% review score on Rotten tomatoes, based on 14 reviews. Like this one from The New York Times, which notes on Night books director David Yarovesky: He “has a knack for the tricks of light – shadows, neon night vision, and silhouetted movement – and the film is most delightfully frightening when it favors visual flair over jumping fears.”

Other reactions

About the film itself, Variety praises him for “his whimsical touches, as well as a respect for young creative minds, (which) give the film a warmth that counterbalances its shocks.”

In the opinion of this writer, the Night books The Netflix movie has one edge that makes it too good to be left out. Two words: Krysten Ritter. She brings a convincing recklessness to this kind of role that could have ended up much more two-dimensional in the hands of less acting talent.

As the fan montage below shows, she’s a campy and delightfully evil witch in this movie. One that is worth watching for its participation alone. Really, that’s almost always the case, whenever you see its name attached to a project.