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Mobile Suit Gundam Live-Action Movie Gets First Fiery Robot Concept Art

Sunrise and Legendary Pictures unveiled the first concept art of their upcoming Gundam film live during the Netflix Festival Japan 2021. Directed by Kong: Skull Island director Jordan vogt-roberts, the live-action movie will arrive exclusively on Netflix, although the streaming platform has yet to reveal a release date.

Concept art shows one of the mecha robots for which the Mobile Suit Gundam the franchise is known. The giant mecha is standing in the middle of a city street, with a towering building all around it. However, the entire scene is engulfed in fire, which could be the result of an epic battle set in a metropolis. We know that’s not much, but given that Legendary has done a fantastic job producing the visually stunning mechas of the Pacific Rim franchise, the concept art is enough to make us very enthusiastic.

Vogt-Roberts will lead the Gundam live action movie from a script by the comic book author Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The last man, Saga). The film is produced by the vice president of Legendary Marie Parent, Legendary Boyter Wedge (Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Dune) and sunrise Naohiroshi Ogata. Vogt-Roberts and Vaughan are executive producers, with Makoto asanuma.

Image via Sunrise / Legendary

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Yoshiyuki Tominois original Mobile Suit Gundam The animated series was first released in 1979. The series helped define the genre of the “real robot,” a term used to describe Japanese films, series, manga, and games featuring giant mechs in battle. However, the franchise rose to fame not only for the spectacular robot battles, a somewhat new idea in the 1980s, but also for the way it discusses the meaning of war, colonialism, and the complex relationship between factions. with different political values.


As much as we all love to watch giant robots hit each other, so much the political discussion at the center of the Mobile Suit Gundam This is what allowed it to resonate with people all over the world, which made it a worldwide success. In the four decades since the Mobile Suit Gundam The first original anime, the franchise has already released over 50 TV series, movies, and OVAs, as well as manga, novels, and video games. the Gundam the franchise is also known for the Gunpla, a line of model kits depicting vehicles and characters from fictional Gundam multiverse.

The release of Concept Art shows that the Gundam The live-action project is gaining traction, as Sunrise and Legendary try to find the appropriate art style before production begins. Now it shouldn’t take us long to find out more about the project and exactly how it intends to use the Gundam multiverse. As news from the Gundam live-action movie arises, you can expect to read all about the project here at Collider.

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