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Minecraft: Jason Momoa plans a live-action adaptation

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That he plays an intriguing villain role in the upcoming first episode of Fast and Furious 10looking daggers into enemies like game of thrones‘ Khal Drogo, or Parting the Waves as DC’s iconic undersea hero Arthur Curry, Jason Momoa set out to play characters that carry a certain sense of mystery. But his next big casting move – eyeing a starring role in Warner Bros. in development Minecraft movie – maybe just his most mysterious to date.

the Aquaman The star is reportedly set to sign on for a key role in the live-action film adaptation of the hugely popular pixel crafting game, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There’s no first word, however, on whether Momoa would portray a new character in the film, or perhaps step into the role of an existing one. Minecraft icons like Steve or Alex – player-avatar characters whose stories have so far remained mostly hidden in the buried depths of Minecraft lore, despite their popularity as big-name crossovers in game franchises like Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Whatever role Momoa ends up playing Minecrafthe’ll do so alongside a creative team led by director Jared Hess, half of the husband-and-wife executive team behind comedic hits like Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libreand Gentlemen Broncos. Minecraft video game studio Mojang is behind the project, which would be produced by Dunes producer Mary Parent (Momoa starred as Duncan Idaho in Dunesfirst opus of), as well as Roy Lee (Old boy, Godzilla) and the late Jill Messick (Frida, mean girls).

Through the events of last year’s story Dunes which we won’t spoil here, Momoa probably won’t be returning to this franchise anytime soon – or at least not for Dunes: Part II. But 2022 is nonetheless shaping up to be a busy year for the burly actor, with both Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and the first Quick 10 chapter which should arrive in the spring of 2023, as well as a third season of See to AppleTV+ – not to mention, of course, the role it will play in the Minecraft film.

Momoa recently teased her Quick 10 “very flamboyant bad boy” character in what would mark his very first appearance in the fast furious series. The first of two films in the franchise Quick 10 The final chapter is set to hit theaters on May 19 next year.